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The Hero of Ages by Brandon Sanderson
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Feb 17, 2011

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, love-it-more-than-puppies
Read in February, 2011

This won’t make sense for awhile…hang with me.

Remember in Return of the King (yes, I know that’s a different book), when Frodo and Sam are slogging through Mordor (After the spider and after Sam rescues Frodo from Orc headquarters, but before they get to Mount Doom)? There’s about 200 pages (or maybe it just felt like 200) of march, march…ring heavy, hungry, thirsty, march, march…tired, march, march…so tired, march, march, still thirsty, and so on…to the point you were tempted (come on, admit it) to skim (slowly over the Hobbit induced Orc fight, of course) to the fun stuff with ghosts, Oliphants, the Battle of Elinor Fields, the killing of the Witch King by Princess “I am no man” Eowyn, march to the Black Gates, Mouth of Sauron, Big final fight, “the Eagles are Coming!”

I loved Return of the King – but what I love does not include the marching thru Mordor bits. I loved THIS book too, but big chunks of it are Sam-and-Frodo-marching-thru-Mordor.

Ash – EVERYWHERE, roads and rivers disappear under shit-tons of ash, volcanoes, earthquakes, mist all night and most of the day, doom and gloom. Who shall we invite to our end of the world party, Darren? No one. Everybody’s dead. We’re all starving? Maybe we can east ash and drink lava. We have to burn all the furniture so we don’t freeze to death? It’s okay, because a huge crazy army of blue giants are coming to slaughter us and we’ll all be dead. Is there a good guy who can help? Nope. Even the good guys are being controlled by the BIG BAD. Gee, this IS fun…Happy Doomsday, everybody!

Just like book two, I understand. Sanderson is completely justified to take me there- but it was not fun.

The last quarter of the book was Terrific! Some surprises at the end. Not a fairy tale ending, but great.

As in previous books, the chapter headings are excerpts from a journal. Whose journal is for me to know and you to find out, but all the clues are there.

There are cool bits throughout, don’t let my rant intimidate you. The fight scenes are MASSIVE. The suspense builds throughout as the clues and characters come together for the epic finale. It’s biblical – cities destroyed, tsunami’s, continents-shifting kind of stuff like this should not be missed.

It’s all wrapped up and really explained well by the end. In spite of my frothy screed, I thought the series was very cool, and very satisfying. Epic. I highly recommend.

Characters – the ones that are still alive are great
Action – Epic – First battle has a couple thousand, Final battle has over 100 thousand
Magic – no. Completely cool (and well explained) super powers - loads
Cool places – Homeworld of the Kaandra is pretty cool
Creatures – Kaandra, Mistwraiths, Koloss, Inquistors, gods
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