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Everyone Loves a Hero....and that's the problem by Marie Force
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** spoiler alert ** Let me start by saying if you don't like your love affairs instant, intense and fast paced, this isn't the book for you.

I had high hope for this book, it sounded really interesting and it started off good.

In the beginning I liked Olivia, I thought she was a great heroine. But as their whirlwind romance moved forward, she was eaten up by her insecurities and was looking for any excuse to get out, or to think the worst of Cole. When Natasha showed up, I knew the shit was about to hit the fan, and I have to agree that she could have done what Cole suggested, and instead of running, picked up the phone and asked.

Personally I don't blame Cole for holding the information about Nutty Natasha back. Apart from never having a decent enough time to bring it up, he was right in saying that if he told her too early (and it, admittedly, was a very new relationship) she would have run. Which she would, and did anyway.

Cole was definitely swoon-worthy, and one of the only things holding the book together after Olivia lost ten years off her IQ and maturity.
I felt sorry for Cole after a while, Olivia was taking without giving, and was fluctuating between being upset when he was open, and then being upset when he held back because she was upset when he was too forward. I was glad when he walked out (cause really, there comes a point when you just give up because no matter what you do you end up in a no-win situation lol) and it came so close to being a non-happy ending I was pleased, because by that stage I was completely turned off by Olivia and didn't want them to end up together.

I loved Jenny, and Will and baby Billy, as well as Olivia's father Jerry. The supporting characters in this book were great.

I won't recommend this book, but I wouldn't say steer clear of it either. It had it's good and bad moments, but I guess overall you could call it an enjoyable read.


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