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The Dark Tower by Stephen King
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Feb 07, 2008

it was amazing
Read in February, 2008

ok, holy fuck

this series, as a whole, has a lot of ups and downs. periods of good, fast-paced plotting and unique and exciting character development, surrounded by dull dull stretches of nothing much at all, and plot points that border on racism and homophobia thrown in every now and then for good measure. (japanese tourists with cameras, talking in broken, l-laden english? REALLY?) there is an unevenness brought on by the fact that some books have huge gaps between the time they were written. i am also generally annoyed by mr. king's driving need to overlap his stories, so those of us who don't care to read every single one of his thousand books aren't let in on the joke. this series is particularly full of that, and though he tries to make sure we are not completely lost, it still grates on me.

still, there is real emotion here, and a really good story. but the thing that redeems it all is the end, the very end, which he states within the book was added because he knew it would be demanded, so you don't have to read it if you don't want to. who can not read something like that when its placed in front of you? still, its nice that he gave the option.

that ending, though. it made me jump up and yell with joy. not because it was joyous, but because it was right, and it was good. no backing away from the necessary here. still, i can see how people would be angry with it. the unnecessary after word says simply "don't send me angry letters and don't try to find my house." fine requests.

so, if you want a good fantasy/western with parts that may make you tear your hair out in frustration, but that will leave you sad that you get no more when its over, and if you are already ok with mr. kings level of hokey-ness, i recommend these.

start with the gunslinger. its the first one.

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