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Love Story by Jennifer Echols
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May 24, 2011

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Read in May, 2011

Love Story was about Erin a once heiress to her family's horse racing farm, but who is now a starving poor college student majoring in English, and Hunter the once "stable boy" of Erin's family's farm but who is now the heir to the family farm. After Erin refused to major in business in college in New York her grandmother disinherited her and unannounced that Hunter would take over the farm instead. So after leaving and vowing never to come back Erin goes to New York and begins to work as hard as she can to save up, because she wants to be a writer and knows that she needs to achieve certain things while in school.

On the first day of her writing class Erin has to have her story reviewed by the class. Her story is a historical romance and it's set loosely about her and Hunter and what the could have been if tragedy hadn't struck and their lives had been different between them. So of course who should come into the class and get in? Hunter. Erin is mortified to have him read this story, and doesn't want him anywhere near her or telling people who the are. Hunter eventually agrees but this has put them in an uneasy relationship.

With each new story that Erin and Hunter write more feelings are provoked between them. Hunter mysteriously goes out every night and returns early in the morning and Erin is desperate to find out where is he going. She finds herself jealous that he might be with other girls. No one knows where Hunter really goes but one thing is clear is that he is hiding something. But with so much betrayal and lies between them can Erin and Hunter ever really connect?

I liked this story. I loved Echols Going too Far but didn't love Forget You. So I was apprehensive to see where this story would go. Personally I thought there were just too many lies and secrets between Erin and Hunter. They really didn't seem to have a problem lying and manipulating each other. Also how they publicly write stories about each other that the ENTIRE class had to read? Who would honestly want to do that? I think that there were genuine feelings between each other that had been there for a very long time, but they don't seem like a healthy relationship. Or that they ever really got to know one another, and not just knew the person from a distance. The ending also left a little to be desired, but perhaps this one will have a sequel? The ending was a little open-ended, and if they do have another I would read to see what happens between these two. Overall I thought it was a good story but not great.

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