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Apr 18, 2011

really liked it
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I guarantee you, if you read this book: (1) You will laugh; and (2) You will want to eat some waffles. I have eaten three waffles in the past two days just because of this book. (Fine, it was also because someone else made waffle batter and it takes a minute to make once all that work is done:)) But in all seriousness, this book is buckets of awesome. Samhain Corvus LaCroix (Sam) is a Seattle college dropout working at a fast food restaurant with a few of his friends and generally slacking it up in his off-time. After an unfortunate potato hockey accident behind the restaurant, Sam comes into contact with an intimidating man who recognizes Sam for what he is—a necromancer. Clueless, Sam is faced with an ultimatum before he even comes to terms with his dead-controlling ways. Craziness ensues.

Author Lish McBride uses short song snippets as the titles for the chapters and they are fabulous. I think my heart just about exploded when I got to the one entitled “Make A Little Birdhouse in Your Soul.” (My first concert besides Raffi and the parentally-enforced-you-must-love-being-Irish Chieftains concerts I went to with the family was They Might Be Giants, which I think is a totally respectable first concert, no?) Anyway, I loved every single one of them. It might be a little annoying to some people but I thought it went well with the overall campiness. Crowinator got there before me but she is dead-on that this book reminded me of a mixture of Buffy’s fun and the snarkiness of Dead Like Me. Sam very much reminded me of George from Dead Like Me—a sarcastic yet compassionate slacker working at a just-for-the-money job, only Sam is far nicer than George ever was. And he has his kickass friends, one of whom is a head in a bag. Yeah, you read that right. A head. In a bowling bag. The sense of humor is dead-on and the story was fun in the same way that Paranormalcy was. It felt fresh in a genre where originality can be hard to come by.

This book has it all, and I almost feel like Stefon from SNL could do a wonderful recap of what this book has to offer: Crazy garden gnomes that want to kill you, a talking cat that is really a dragon, sexy werewolves, a head in a bowling bag, medicine bags that make people invisible to supernatural radar, a Catholic schoolgirl harbringer that loves waffles, sex in a cage, and ZOMBIES. You get the idea. The pacing is quick but unhurried and the story arc is complete at the end yet leaves itself open to future books that I really hope will exist despite a lack of parenthetical series markers on Goodreads. It would be a huge shame if this was a standalone.

This is actually more like 4.5 stars but I'm gonna leave it at 4 instead of 5 for differentiation purposes.
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Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I'm so glad you liked it! :)

Flannery I liked it so much I am seriously contemplating stalking Lish McBride so we can become new best friends.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I can't wait to read your review!
You gave me a great idea: I think I'll start stalking Ann Aguirre. She writes not one, but three series I absolutely adore.

message 4: by [deleted user] (new)

LOL. Look forward to your thoughts. This one is on my wish list. :)

Crowinator So glad you loved it! But you can't stalk Lish McBride -- you'll get in my way! (c;

message 6: by Flannery (last edited Apr 16, 2011 03:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery Psht, you wish darlin. She lives in my city. I'm sure you have some (less cool) authors living in your city;-)

Crowinator True -- I will have to online stalk her. But I used to live in Seattle -- there's always a chance I could move back! Denver just cannot compare.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I think someone said that the second book comes out next year.

Flannery Thank goodness! (view spoiler)

message 10: by Nomes (new) - added it

Nomes oh! can't wait to read this one.

and waffles.

i have never had a waffle O.o

message 11: by Flannery (last edited Apr 18, 2011 01:24AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars


Okay, I think that was still residual excitement from all those books I got. Also, I really love waffles.

message 12: by Nomes (new) - added it


you are allowed a leeway of residual excitement after your master book haul. i'd say the buzz may start o wear off after a fortnight or so ~ but you'll have random little pangs every time you caress see them again.

*I really should plan to rectify the situation though.

also, by default, i've just realised my kids have never had them. are they growing up deprived?

Vinaya Waffles! I want waffles! I know I saw waffles on the menu somewhere... *goes off to check*

Pssstt... I was never really here. I was working hard on my MS in a dark room somewhere. Okay? Okay. Bye, you mean witch-with-a-b.

message 14: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic Nomes wrote: "oh! can't wait to read this one.

and waffles.

i have never had a waffle O.o"

What Nomes said ^^. Waffles aren't a common thing here in Aus. I never had them either :(

Awesome review Flannery!

message 15: by Nomes (new) - added it

Nomes yay ~ you've made me feel better Nic :D

we'll have to have a waffles day. or something.

message 16: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic We will. Do you eat them with ice-cream? That is what I imagine.

~Tina~ OMG Flann, I so wanted to eat waffles after this book! Hahah! Brilliant review! Loved this book so freaken much. Couldn't stop laughing!

Catie Flannery...I love this review! It's been on my to-read for a while, but you've convinced me to get it soon.

Hey, anyone who doesn't have small children might not know this...but did you know that They Might Be Giants has become a pretty notable children's music band? Their latest album is hilarious, and all about science (which of course I love).

message 19: by Dan (new)

Dan Schwent I might have to read this just for the TMBG reference.

message 20: by Flannery (last edited Apr 18, 2011 10:42AM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Flannery @Nic and Nomes--what the heck? Nic, you haven't had them either? I usually just put maple syrup on my waffles...sometimes butter.

@Catie--I knew they sang some songs about science but didn't know they had a kid's album(or several). The other day I was playing some board games at a bookstore with some friends and this kid's band started playing--Caspar Babypants (horrible name). Anyways, it turns out that it is the lead singer of Presidents of the United States of America. For reals?

@Dan--TMBG lovers are good people. As a rule.

Catie I was not aware of Caspar Babypants...hahahahaha. That name really is horrible.

Barenaked Ladies also has a great kids album, BTW.

message 22: by Lora (new)

Lora You lost me at "sex in a cage."

I just got this in audio from my library, and if I don't like it enough I'll switch to print (I'm extremely picky when it comes to audiobooks).

Great review. :)

message 23: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Waffles... YUM!

message 24: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic Flannery wrote: "@Nic and Nomes--what the heck? Nic, you haven't had them either? I usually just put maple syrup on my waffles...sometimes butter..."

Seriously I imagined that everyone had them just with ice-cream.... Do you eat them with ice-cream?

Flannery Sometimes Belgian waffles, yes. Usually, at least in the US, they are breakfast food and served with butter, powdered sugar, and maple(or other flavored) syrup. Basically the same as pancakes:) But you can get them with berries, ice cream, chocolate chips, etc. on them as well. Any way you get it, they are delicious!

message 26: by Morgan (new)


I'm sorry. Waffles bring out the crazy in me.

*goes to dig out the waffle maker from the basement* I have no idea why it is in the basement...

Flannery Yeah, seriously. It should be in the kitchen under a spotlight lol.

message 28: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Some people eat their waffles with fried chicken.... no lie... I tried it once. It was okay.

message 29: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Here's the trend setter:


message 30: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F I googled images of waffles just now (to show Nic & Nomes their awesomeness), and there were plenty of pictures accompanied by fried chicken....it made me so hungry I had to stop.

Flannery I've had chicken and waffles too, Arlene:) It is pretty big in some cities. Morg, I totally googled waffles yesterday when I was writing my review because I was going to do a picture. I couldn't pick which one looked the tastiest lol.

message 32: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic I can honestly say the though of waffles and chicken makes me feel queasy. Then again I have never had a waffle.

Waffles and syrup sounds good. You said Beligum waffles. Is there different types of waffles?

Morgan, can you make me one and send it to me!

Sorry for all the waffle questions I am just curious.

message 33: by Arlene (new)

Arlene I don't like my sweet food mixed with my spiced food. I'm weird that way. If I go out to breakfast and my pancakes are placed on the plate as my eggs or potatoes that's a big YUCK for me. I don't like my fruit touching my food either. Everything needs to be separated or best on separate plates. ^^

message 34: by Arlene (new)

Arlene LOL Nic, I had the same reservations about it. I had to eat them separately. It was.... interesting. :)

message 35: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F Nic wrote: "I can honestly say the though of waffles and chicken makes me feel queasy. Then again I have never had a waffle.

Waffles and syrup sounds good. You said Beligum waffles. Is there different ty..."


message 36: by Lora (last edited Apr 18, 2011 03:10PM) (new)

Lora Nic, Belgian waffles are just larger than regular size waffles.

Belgian waffle:

Regular, toaster-size waffles:
[image error]

Flannery Wikipedia has a great background on Waffles

But yeah, at least here there are two main types.
Usual/American waffles usually look like this:
Belgian waffles are usually thicker but lighter in texture, like this:

We even have waffles you can pop in the toaster:) I have blueberry Eggo waffles pretty often for breakfast:)

Flannery I totally overlapped with you two, M & L, but I AM LEAVING IT. You can never have too many pictures of waffles.

message 39: by Arlene (new)

Arlene Damn! You're making me hungry!!!

message 40: by Lora (new)

Lora Flannery wrote: "I totally overlapped with you two, M & L, but I AM LEAVING IT. You can never have too many pictures of waffles."

Agreed :)

message 41: by Nic (new) - added it

Nic I kind of want to eat waffles now....

message 42: by Nomes (new) - added it

Nomes Oh my gosh.

what a thread.

to be honest, I am not even entirely sure where to go and get my waffles from?

message 43: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F Import them. From Belgium.

Flannery After extensive googling of "waffles in australia," the only options are a restaurant in Melbourne (blerg! Way too far for you guys) or buying a waffle iron. Once you have a waffle iron, everything is smooth sailing. (as the ingredients are all staples that everyone has)

Sad times. I am just baffled--someone could be MAKING A KILLING by opening up a 24-hour American-style breakfast diner in Australia. Get on that, ladies.

Flannery Morgan, study business in college and then take Waffle House, Denny's, IHOP, or Eat N' Park down under.

message 46: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F ....If only the thought of managing money didn't make my lip curl....

message 47: by Morgan (new)

Morgan F But, seriously, someone needs to jump on this Aussie-waffle thang.

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead I'm so happy that all my GR friends are enjoying this book!

message 49: by Nomes (new) - added it

Nomes haha, thank for googling for us Flann ~ Melbourne is a 17 hour drive for (and 20+ hours for nic :D)

i honestly haven't even seen a waffle iron in appliance stores ~ i guess i could find one online though...

Morgs ~ I would love to come to your Aussie waffle house ;)

message 50: by Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker (last edited Apr 18, 2011 06:39PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Michelle, the Bookshelf Stalker  Queen of the Undead Ok, so no waffle irons... go for a Dutch baby aka German pancake, I grew up on these things for breakfast! My mom wasn't the best mom, but boy she could make food!

[image error]

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