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Deep Kiss of Winter by Kresley Cole
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Dec 07, 2016

really liked it
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Untouchable by Kresley Cole

Daniela is the valkery called The Ice Maiden because she is from a different demention where there is ice everywhere. One day while strolling in a town in Louissiana she gets chased by assassins from her world of Icereg. But unfortunatly Daniela also has a vampire on her tale called Murdoch. Murdoch is one of the Forberars, vampires who don't drink human blood. But Murdoch finds it hard to resist Daniela's blood, also one reason why is because Daniela is Murdoch's Bride. So when Murdoch corners her at a rail way he trys to hunt her down. When Murdoch finds her Daniela tells him to move on before the Icere find her but it's too late and she gets attacked. Murdoch goes crazy because these assassins are attacking his bride so he kills them all. After the mele clears he sees that Daniela has arrows in her. Mrudoch saves her life but then things get complicated once they face that they love each other. With the added complication of Murdoch not being able to touch her because he would burn her with his skin. Then there the assassins who are trying to kill her. They live together for a while but Murdoch stays away from her because he can't face the fact that they can't touch or hold each other and he also can't take her blood either. Daniela finally confronts him about his avoidence issues and they get into this huge fight. After that Murdoch takes off for the castle where his brothers in arms are playing cards and drinking. There Murdoch decideds that he made a horrible mistake at blaiming her and discarding her idea to sleep for fifty years until a whitch comes to power and gives them the ability to touch each other. So Murdoch goes back to her, only to see that Daniela is kissing another male. And this male is from her demention of Icregard. Murdoch makes his final mistake her and takes from her vain, that is when Daniel leaves him for her real home. As soon as she goes Murdoch gets locked up for harboring his fallen brother Conrad, he is now one of the horde. They get freed after two weeks in prison and Murdoch goes after Daniela. But before he reaches her Murdoch looses conciousness because he has been exposed to the elements. When Murdoch next awakens he is inside Queen Daniela's castle and that is where Murdoch tells her of a way they can be together. They try it and their dreams come true they can touch as long as he drinks from her. So Murdoch takes her and Daniela decides that she is going to stay with Murdoch together. Daniela gives up her crown to Jaidain in order to be happy with Murdoch so they get married. Back home all the brothers are reunited, Conrad, Sebastian, Nikolai, Murdoch; along with their brides.

Tempt Me Eternally by Gena Showalter

Aleaha is masquerading as an AIR agent but she is living safely now than she ever was. Until the night when a team of AIR agents were dispatched to capture aliens called Schon. These aliens bring with them a disease that if released makes the infected canibles. But what comes out of the alien portal are not the Schon but the Rakan. Their leader is trying to make peace with these humans when Reean is attacked. His men are forced to attack but they soon take the humans as prisoners along with Aleaha. Aleaha is taken to their hide out and then moved into the city where she finds her men trying to get out of the cell. As soon as they see Aleah they relax a little. Schon find their way to earth making their way for their queen. The AIR agents soon find out that they have been fight along side an alien themselves. Aleaha's secret is found out and she is taken from Breean. Breean is so mad that he almost declairs war on the humans himself but they surrender Aleaha to Breean. They join forces with the AIR agents to conquer the Schon. Aleaha was then betrayed by the people she worked with and was frozen and a knife was put to her throat. So Reean made a deal with the AIR agents if they freed Aleaha. They did so but Reean didn't give up. They all escaped unharmed for the most part. So Reean took her away to live the rest of their lifes together with out any human interfierence.

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