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Am I Blue? by Marion Dane Bauer
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Mar 05, 11

Read from February 16 to March 05, 2011

Individual differences can be celebrated. 'AM I BLUE?' is a very important book, and glad to have a copy of it. Marion Bauer was able to gather all good stories in just one book. I personally like the first eleven stories especially THREE MONDAYS IN JULY written by James Giblin. I was somehow lost when I read BLOOD SISTER - I also think it's the weakest part. The last four were also in between of good and fine. Still, in conclusion, it's a book that every parent should read. Bravo!

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Quotes Pablo Liked

Marion Dane Bauer
“A good friend of mine once said, "I have never met a bigot who was a reader as a child.”
Marion Dane Bauer, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Marion Dane Bauer
“The power of fiction is that it gives us, as readers, the opportunity to move inside another human being, to look out through that person's eyes, hear with her ears, think with his thoughts, feel with her feelings. It is the only form of art which can accomplish that feat so deeply, so completely. And thus it is the perfect bridge for helping us coming to know the other - the other inside as well as outside ourselves. (x)”
Marion Dane Bauer, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

“Strangers take a long time to become acquainted, particularly when they are from the same family.”
M.E. Kerr, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Francesca Lia Block
“The most beautiful people are the ones that don't look like one race or even one sex.”
Francesca Lia Block, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Nancy Garden
“She's a social worker, Karen," Mac said when I told the group. "She must know something about homosexuality.”
Nancy Garden, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Lois Lowry
“Then I went home to continue my life, which had changed a little, as lives do every day, inching by microspecks forward toward whatever surprises are coming next.”
Lois Lowry, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Jane Yolen
“Wanting to die and dying, she found were two separate things.”
Jane Yolen, Am I Blue?: Coming Out from the Silence

Reading Progress

02/16/2011 page 21
7.0% "A great start. I have read the first story and I liked it, really liked it. Looking forward to the other 15 stories included in this anthology. ;)"
02/17/2011 page 31
11.0% "Done with the second story..

'All coming-out stories are continuing process.'"
02/18/2011 page 50
17.0% "Just read two stories last night. Was too tired to read more.. 12 i-know-it's-beautiful stories more.. ;)"
02/20/2011 page 145
50.0% "Three Mondays in July is just so fun to read. ;) 8 more stories.."
02/22/2011 page 172
60.0% "Like! Like! Like! So excited to read the other stories included in this lovely anthology."
02/24/2011 page 197
68.0% "Done reading the story 'Holding'. I was totally amazed on how the story worked on me. It's a great story, one of the greatest part of this book. ;)"
02/28/2011 page 221
77.0% "Felt so guilty that I have to stop reading such a good book. ;("
03/02/2011 page 246
85.0% "Two more stories.. finally!"
03/05/2011 page 288
100.0% "'For all young people in their search for themselves...'"

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