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Night World, No. 3 by L.J. Smith
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Feb 14, 11

** spoiler alert ** This is the last volume before the highly anticipated (and release yet to be determined)tenth and last book of the Night World series; Strange Fate.

The first book; Huntress, follows Jez, a half human half vampire - she only finds out about this a little into the book - and she now works for Circle Daybreak, an organization that allows both those from the Night World to work with humans. We also learn that Circle Daybreak is looking for the wild cards that will help them during the upcoming apocalypse, and they must find them before the "evil" ones (for a lack of a better term) finds them. As the story progresses, we find out Jez's soulmate and one of the four wildcards. This was a thrilling story because it's the first time I read about a half human half vampire. And Jez was pretty awesome, too.

The second book, Black Dawn, follows Maggie, a normal human who stumbles upon the Night World when her brother disappears. It's really interesting to see how Maggie not only stumbles upon the Night World, but is also a part of a prophecy to help free people in a castle. And we also meet, Delos, the second of the four wildcards, who knows that he is one, and has trained hard to master his power. The way these two meet is kind of sweet, but .. not really. Can't really explain it, but all I can say is that I read this in one sitting, and it was really good.

The last book, Witchlight, follows Keller, a member of Circle Daybreak. She is helping to find the third wildcard, and in the process of doing so, finds her soulmate. However, things get complicated as the story progresses as her soulmate has to marry the wildcard for political reasons. Oooh, what will happen? Read it :)

This is by far, my favourite volume of the three. Now just waiting for Strange Fate. I really hope it comes out soon, as it's been pushed back for nearly a decade because the author had some personal issues to deal with. But I heard that it's currently in the publishing stage? I really hope that it comes out this year.

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