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Polaris by Jack McDevitt
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Feb 14, 2011

it was amazing

Three ships went out to witness the white dwarf collide with Delta Karpis. The Sentinel and the Rensilaer were scientific vessels, there to collect data and to record the event. The third ship, the Polaris, was filled with VIPs, there to make it a media event. After the collision, which was as fantastic as promised, all three ships were to jump back to Indigo Station. The Sentinel and the Rensilaer appeared on schedule, and the Polaris sent the message "Departure imminent", but the Polaris never showed and no further communication from it was received. The Rikard Pernovski, the only other ship in that part of space, was diverted to the last location of the Polaris. When they found and boarded the ship, it was dark and empty and adrift. The AI was turned off and the seven people aboard her had vanished. The lander was still in storage and all pressure suits were accounted for. The passengers' personal effects were there - nothing seemed to be missing except the passengers themselves.
Sixty years later, relics from the Polaris, mostly personal effects of the seven lost passengers, are being released and put up for sale. After purchasing nine of the artifacts for resale to their regular customers, Alex Benedict and Chase Kolpath find that someone else is after the artifacts and is apparently willing to kill for them. Thus begins another great SF mystery from Jack McDevitt.


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