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The Darkest Passion by Gena Showalter
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Jan 06, 2016

it was amazing
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Read from March 29, 2011 to November 20, 2014

Aeron keeper of wrath is with Paris also demon possessed on a roof top looking for potential lovers for Paris. Aeron thinks it a waist of time humans were expendable and they were good for nothing else except to lay with. He looked for females that Paris just turned down, when he sees a woman disappear into thin air. Both Paris and Aeron go after her only to find nothing. Then they split up and thats when she appears. Aeron's demon immediately wants to punish her for all the wrong she has done. But then he finds out that he isn't dealing with just any woman but a demon possessed woman. The woman's name is Scarlet and she is being possessed by the demon of Nightmares. She escapes Aeron, then Paris and Aeron go back to the fortress to find that the voice who has been following Aeron has come in the form of a woman. Her name is Olivia and she is a fallen Angel, the reason she fell is because she didn't want to kill Aeron. Which is what the Angel High Council was asking of her. In Olivia's fight to reach Aeron, she is tortured by demons in hell and claws her way out of the dirt into Aeron's hands. Aeron immediately takes a dislike to her and tells her that he is just going to dump her somewhere because she can't live with him. But try as he might he can't get rid of her because Olivia has secret information that she is willing to give him for kisses. And those kisses are affecting him so much that he no longer knows where to turn. So he goes to see his daughter Legion a demon whom he saved and whom has to die alone with him. When Legion finds out that Aeron is keeping an Angel in the fortress and that Aeron likes her she leaves to go try and kill her out of a jealous rage. While in another part of the world his friends are trying to find the last of the items to destroy Pandora's Box. At the fortress Legion attacks Olivia and two others that live there. But Aeron saves them all and punishes her for it, his demon wants to kill her for touching his angel. As the trials get harder Aeron finds out what Olivia really did for him. What she gave up for him like her voice of truth and her wings. When they capture Nightmare Aeron takes a bullet filled with hells waters and gets taken back to the fortress, Lysander an angel gave Olivia the waters of heaven to give to Aeron and his demon. The trials get even harder Aeron realizes that he can't fight his feelings much longer. What really got him pisses what that when Legion came back she turned human right in front of his eyes. Legion didn't care that she was week for the moment but she jumped right in and said can we have sex? She didn't care that she had just made a deal with the devil himself.Aeron was blown away by her audacity that he just said to stay put because he was going to do battle with their enemy the Hunters. There with his fellow demon possessed warriors they destroyed the enemy. Aeron was injured and brought back to the fortress. Only to find Olivia gone and Legion lying about it. When he reviewed the tapes of the security camera he found that she had fallen over the balcony. And Aeron went straight to Legion and told her to tell the truth and to cut the bull shit. Legion told Aeron that Gallen possessed by the demon of hope had taken Olivia. Olivia was being tortured for information on the High Lords which is what they called themselves. In the end of the torture a boy helped her escape with the cloak of invisibility. Aeron eventually found her and brought him home. After he gave her some of the heaven water she healed right up and they made frantic love. And then came Lysander the angel and took Aeron's head in order for him to save everyone he loved. Olivia took back her wings and petitioned the Angel High Council for Aeron's life. While Aeron got to see his old friend Baden the former carrier of the demon of distrust. When Olivia came to him she told him the good news, Baden wanted to go with them but Olivia told him that it couldn't be done. Olivia also told Aeron that the new host of Wrath was Paris's love Sienna whom they thought dead only to find out that Cronus had her saved. Not yet anyways. So Olivia and Aeron professed their love for each other and went home to their family and friends to start his new life as an immortal with out the demon of Wrath.
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