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It's Not How Good You Are, It's How Good You Want To Be by Paul Arden
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Sep 28, 13

Read in February, 2011

Just another book I read during one of those sunday sessions at my brother's house. Honestly, I didn't enjoy it more than I did with Whatever You Think, Think The Opposite. The main idea of the book is the same, which is to do things the unconventional way and how it would lead you to achieving something greater than you thought you could.

Frankly, I am sick of these 'advices'. Don't be afraid to make mistakes (yes, acceptable), mistakes is okay (OK, but not so much), NOT GETTING GOOD GRADES IN SCHOOL IS FINE (seriously?). The part where it says that people who did well in school might not be successful later in life attacked me personally. I believe that when you did well in school, it's because you have the right attitude, and when you have the same right attitude in your career, everything will go just as fine, I'm sure. Besides, it makes me scared and worried that if I do well in school, that's just that and I can't make it big in life. Totally the opposite of what inspirational book should do to its readers.

One part I think made sense though, it's not to be afraid to share the knowledge that you have to others, as it will motivate you to do more as to keep up with the others, and eventually results in you being a better person than you already are right now. That's the only inspiration in this inspirational book.

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Sriram Couldn't agree more. Most of these books offer the same advice but just paraphrased and applied in a different context.

نوره الدايل I totally agree with you

Anneke well said

message 4: by Todd (new)

Todd Books like these have become predictable and unoriginal, trite.

Nicole I agree with you totally although I don't think you should take that school comment personally. That one struck a chord with me initially too, but more because it is so illogical and, thinking back to school, many of those people (myself included) are doing really well! I don't think that part is to scare those who did well in school, but just to say that grades aren't NECESSARILY everything and you CAN do well even after you make mistakes and falter which is absolutely true! To believe otherwise is putting a ridiculous amount of pressure on yourself to never err which is not human and impossible.
My biggest complaint was that's so "samey" and boring. Like Todd has commented before me, it's awfully predictable and unoriginal for a book preaching about doing unconventional things to be exceptional.

Nicholas The school part was really poorly expressed and I don't think the author even grasped comprehension of it. The good part is, this book is so shitty, you wonder how it even made it to the printing press. This inspires me to write a better one.

Nicole hahah! hear hear!

Nicholas Haha thanks for the like on my review. I'm going to borrow a few of your words from here and credit it.

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