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Angel by James Patterson
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Feb 16, 11

really liked it
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Ok, i am trying to keep myself from downloading the first 24 chapters onto my ipod, but i dont think i can hold back now that i've read some reviews...


Ok, sorry for biching but i had to get tht outta my system. its obvious JP jst wants us to get all hysterical about M+D but serousally? i think we all know, Max might fall for Dylan for a little bit, but no matter what, its ALWAYS been no compitition becuase its ALWAYS been Fang. No. Matter. What. and if im wrong and JP isnt doing jst trikn us, i think i might just burn the books...okay, maybe not the first three, i actually LOVED the MR series then. But now? I mean, "go grean"? Realy? It sounds like someone payed JP to do tht, and its fake and annoying in my opinion. Oh, and i am really mad at Angel, but still, think when it comes down to it, everyone would be mad if JP killed Angel becuase no matter what shes does and how many times she betrayed the flock, people WANT her to be good, people want her to be a good little Angel and not be bad. Even though shes a betraying syko. But still, it think Iggy and maybe even a little bit of Gazzy and a lil bit of Nudge should get a chance cuz their frukin cool. What i think will happe is ***SPOILER FOR FIRST 24 CHAPTERS*** you kno how Max2 comes in to join Fangs group? Well, ithkn Dylan will leave REAL Max alone and go for Max2 (aka Maya) Oh and oe more thing, imprenting? really? wow, going Twilight, JP...blehh.... Mk, thats how i feel, byee:)


Oh my GAWD! I mean, i guess this book wasnt as bad a Fang, so it was ok. But not as good as the first three. It actually might be for 4th best MR book. Idk, ihavnt read the other ones in a while so my rating may be off... i deff want to see where JP goes with this, and if i will like it or not.

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