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The Atlantis Complex by Eoin Colfer
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Feb 13, 2011

really liked it
Read in September, 2010

It's been a long time since we've had a new Artemis Fowl, and the opening made me cringe -- our favorite teenage criminal mastermind is now... NICE?? Say it's not so! Well, actually he is using his brains for good these days, inventing a way to keep the glaciers from melting, and demonstrating it in Iceland to a combination of fairy and human scientists. Unfortunately, Artemis has spent too much time exposed to fairy magic, and he's developed a mental illness: the Atlantis Complex. When the book begins, he's in Stage 1, and has become obsessive compulsive (he can only count by fives, and speak in sentences that have multiple of five words in them), and he's becoming more and more paranoid, convinced that everyone's out to get him. Capt. Holly Short and the rest of the fairy delegation arrive, but only some of them survive. The hotel booked for the demonstration is destroyed by a rogue fairy space probe, and Artemis is knocked out. After being saved by Holly and Foaly, he awakens and announces his name is Orion. Welcome to Stage 2 of Atlantis Complex: multiple personality disorder, and Orion is obnoxiously attracted to Holly, spouting poetry and doing his best to be the suave gentleman no one needs! They've got to get Artemis back to figure out who's controlling the probe, and why it's heading for the underwater fairy prison city of Atlantis. Any number of convicted criminals could be behind this, including Opal Koboi, but there's someone even darker than Opal at work here. Action, wild adventure, explosions, giant squid attacks and Colfer's trademark humor (yes, Mulch Diggum and his infamous gas attacks are in here) make this a great addition to the Artemis Fowl series! 6th grade and up.

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