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The Shattered Gates by Ginn Hale
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Feb 13, 2011

really liked it
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Read on March 19, 2012

Impressive Start!

I've waited quite a while to start reading this, as I didn't really want to read it as a serial. On the one hand, having it broken up would nicely break up the tension that I can see slowly building already, but I just don't trust myself. I'll want to read it all and who knows what my crazy mind will be in the mood to read one month from now, not to mention more. So I waited, and I'm glad I did because I'm about to dive into Servant of the Crossed Arrows and I'm SO EXCITED!

I'm a new reader to Ginn Hale. I've bought all of her books (I'm bad about buying things I never get around to reading). I know they're great -- too many readers I trust have told me what a wonderful author she is. So not only was this big, unfolding story set before me but I'd yet to become acquainted with her writing, her style, anything. She does many, many things well, at least from this small perspective of her work, but what I love most is how balanced her writing is. There seems to a lot of great care in her writing, which could also come from the editing of Nicole Kimberling as well. Still, it works for me.

Now, to this first very brief introduction into a much longer story. With The Shattered Gates we're getting a very small bit of the story. I confess that I read quite a few reviews when this first installment was published last year and I can now understand the difficulty it must be for everyone to really take this fragment and consider it on its own and as one tenth of a long novel. It could have very easily fallen into the world-building trap, or really fallen either way into a trap of extremes. What Ginn Hale did correctly was open the story to us in a setting that we slowly understand and only then start to build on it. Even then, I must say that by the end I was lost out of my mind. I'm not a huge puzzler as a reader. My mind just doesn't work that way. I tend to get wrapped up in the present tense of the story, right there with the characters, and I never guess anything that will happen (one reason I'm not big on whodunits, or mysteries of any kind, really). But, I have faith.

Maybe that's why this works so well as a serial. Maybe it's just me -- even though I will read these all back to back, I just know it, my mind knows where to pause for a bit of a time out.

So, while I don't have much to say on the story, and writing ten long reviews (long for me anyway) for each installment of this story will probably be too much, I can't wait to see what happens next and I can't wait to actually have something to say about the plot!
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Reggie OOOH!! You've been caught!!! LOL

Cole Riann Reggie wrote: "OOOH!! You've been caught!!! LOL

I have!!! and I'm OBSESSED!

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