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A Touch of Crimson by Sylvia Day
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Feb 13, 2011

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This book has a very slow start to it, which I was glad to know ahead of time as it allowed me to alter how I read it. I would read 50 pages then go to a different book, then pick this one back up. For the first 150 pages this was how I read it. While I was glad to stop, there was something about it that when it was time to pick it back up I was glad to do it.

I think the slow start is that the world is being set up. It is the same world that this author's other, Marked series, is set in, yet there seems to be more species that you need to sort out at the start.

I wasn't sure what to think of Adrian when he first pops up. He seems almost cold, even when he first meets Lindsey. He has such a blind focus on her, but as they each get to know each other he really warms up. You can see how there are aspects to his job that he doesn't like and wish were different, like what he had to go through with Helena. You can see too how Lindsey is changing him this time around. She isn't so much Shawdoe, but more Lindsey and really and truly cares for him and what a relationship between them would mean.

Lindsey was fun from the start. Right away she bowled over everyone. They thought she was this harmless human and in a grocery story no less, she shows them that isn't so. I loved that she really thought about the consequences of a relationship with Adrian and didn't want to do anything that could endanger him. Her fledgling relationship with Elijah was also sweet. Both of them needed a friend and were able to be that for each other.

With the way the book ended I have so many questions and I worry that Adrian, Lindsey, and all of them are in even more danger with an enemy within. It will be interesting to see what happens in the next book.
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Kris H. Is this related to her "Eve of Destruction" series?

Darcy I don't think so, but maybe set in the same world. I am 100 pages in and I don't see the same characters. It is a little slow to start with.

message 3: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia I hope you don't mind my jumping in with a reply. :)

The Renegade Angels series is set in the same fictional universe as the Marked series, but has a completely separate storyline. You'll see some familiar faces here and there, such as Raguel (the archangel who oversees Eve, Alec, and Reed). He works with Adrian in A Touch of Crimson. Also Adrian previously appeared in a Marked story, Eve of Warfare. But as the storylines are completely separate between the two series, reading one isn't necessary (or even helpful) to understand the other.

Separately, I want to thank you both for your interest. It means a lot to me. And Darcy, thank you for pushing through a slow opening. I hope you enjoy the book as a whole once you've finished it. :)

Kris H. Thanks for the info ladies! Feel free to jump in any time, Sylvia!:D BTW, I loved your "Marked" series and am looking forward to getting my hands on the new book as well!

Darcy I appreciate you jumping in Sylvia! I thought things seemed familiar. I haven't read Eve of Warfare, but will do so now before I continue with this one.

I also want to second Kris's love of the Marked series, it was one of my favorites to read.

message 6: by Sylvia (new)

Sylvia I'm so happy to hear that you both enjoy the Marked series! :) It's very dear to me and I miss it. Hopefully I'll be able to continue exploring the various angelic tiers and perhaps circle back around to Eve, Alec, and Reed again someday. I have so much more of their story to tell.

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