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Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer
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Feb 13, 2011

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Read from July 25 to 26, 2011

Even better than Nightshade! (I know, how can that be possible? but believe me it is :D )
I got this yesterday (25th) and finished it today (26)!

So. Bad things first:

Shay once again IRRITATED me to death. Seriously. That boy needs to crawl up and die somewhere. Alone. I do NOT like how he pushes Calla to do things when she can't even think straight (poor girl got a lot of stuff happening). He's also so annoying and selfish. Enough said.

I don't know what to think of Calla. There are times when I admired her for being strong and confident, but there are several times when I felt like she was weak, and SELFISH. That is one thing that Shay and Calla have in common. I find her quite selfish, and didn't realize how much her stupid decisions (about saving Shay at the end of 'Nightshade') affected her family and pack mates back home. She's lucky she's got SOME great friends, 'cause if I were her I would not forgive her that easily after what the Keepers had done to the rest of her pack mates. And for what? For Shay?? Please he is not even worth it.

ALSO: Where is Ren in this book? *SPOILER* He's only appeared in one tiny scene, which didn't even last long. Is this the way that Andrea's telling us that Calla will end up with Shay?????
I HOPE HOPE HOPE Ren would play a MUCH BIGGER part in Bloodrose. Or I will die. And. You'll know who to blame.

Now after I got that out of my chest, moving on to the best:

What shines in both 'Nightshade' and 'Wolfsbane' is the plot. It is so amazing and complex and interesting. I really enjoyed learning more about the history of both the Keepers and the Searchers. How Andrea weaved them all together is just so magically done and wow, there are times when I my jaw literally dropped after all the revelations. Trust me, you wouldn't see anything coming. (Or at least, I didn't hehehe)

While I didn't love the main characters (except for Ren! TEAM REN FOREVER!!! ) I did found myself loving the secondary characters much more. Monroe, Connor, Ethan, Adne and Silas all added something new to the story and I love learning the history and personalities of each one :D
And I am in love with Connor. ;P *SPOILER* The pack members reappeared in Wolfsbane aswell, and I am not shocked to see which ones sided with the enemy (those that have read it would know what I mean).

Overall, I LOVE Wolfsbane. And I screamed when the biggest cliffhanger of death appeared in front of me. Seriously I am already getting impatient waiting for Bloodrose. And we still have 6 months before its publication. Sigh.

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07/25/2011 page 36
07/25/2011 page 36
9.0% "Love love love the new characters! Am SO loving Connor and think Adne is a bitch! x" 7 comments
07/26/2011 page 160
41.0% "this has got one of the most beautiful stories ever, both complex and very interesting <3"
07/26/2011 page 173
44.0% "This book (and nightshade) is like a history lesson! best history lesson ever!"
07/26/2011 page 213
55.0% "Calla is a selfish bitch - she gave up everything just for her and Shay (eww I hate him) to be safe, and doesn't realize how much this will and have affected her family and her pack mates. Selfish bitch."
07/26/2011 page 216
55.0% "this book is lacking Ren sooo much, where is he? I swear if we get another steamy scene with Shay and Calla I am going to kill myself. Ren is the guy for Calla! Shay is so feminine ugh"
07/26/2011 page 267
68.0% "So intense and action-packed!! I am dying to know what will happen to them now!! Eppphhh!"
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Dija Great review, Jana! Have you read the first chapter of Bloodrose yet? It sort of makes up for the worst cliffhanger ever.

message 2: by Calia (new) - added it

Calia i love this review! I couldn't agree more.

Jana thank you! To Lazuline: yeah I've read the first chapter literally the minute after I finished Wolfsbane - and yes it makes up for the cliffhanger BUT it made me want to have Bloodrose in my hands right NOW!!!
To Calia: Thanks and nice to know that you agree with what I said in my review :D

Dija I did the same! The ending was so horrible, I shut the book and immediately read ch #1 of BR. Ren sounded a lot more like himself in that chapter. I hope Adne can pull him out of his slump, if Calla can't.

Jana yeah and I really do hope he gets a happy ending by the end of Bloodrose! I would be super angry if Andrea kills him just to get him out of the picture

Dija Nah, she won't kill him. I don't think that would be a smart move at all, from an author's POV. But I have no qualms about Shay dying; I'll even be nice and dig his grave for him. ;)

Jana hahahah maybe I can help you with that ;)

message 8: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Dawson Ugh I agree!! Everyone is team Shay.!! Why?! He's a selfish prick. She would be happy with Ren. He would devote himself to her but she's to caught hooked to notice more than the glimpses she catches. I mean really.... I would love for Shay to fall for one if the pack and pack off Calla. He makes her ignorant... Sorry, just venting :)

Jana Samantha, I too don't get all the fascination with Shay! I really hope she choose Ren, less than 3 months now!

message 10: by Joana (new)

Joana Hi guys I am new here, but I had to give my opinion... I am entirely Team Ren!!! Shay is the more boring, annoying boy (because for me he is a kid, by his attitude) I've ever read about!!! I am so angry about this situation, because it seems that Andrea will make Calla end up with Shay! I am so frustated about this!

message 11: by Calia (new) - added it

Calia there needs to be a support group for people struggling with the fact that Calla (och!she ruins my name) is always with Shay. when it's CLEAR that Ren's the one she should be with...

Jana Andrea said that Calla could end up on her own(!) - not too sure about this....

Would you rather see Calla end up on her own or end up with Shay (no matter how much you hate him)....

I'm still praying for Calla and Ren though :P

message 13: by Joana (new)

Joana Jana
Really did she say that??? So why she practically put them together all the way long?

I rather see Calla completly alone, and being responsable by her attitudes than see her with a total jerk like Shay (sorry Shay's fans but he is a pain!!!)

message 14: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Dawson Totally agree. She would be better off alone I'm not looking forward to reading another book that has Shay on every page being an arrogant, possesive jerk. And if they end up together Andrea better have a damn good ( believe magical or supernatural) reason on I'll give up on her as an author for good. I can't stand when the idiot, insecure creep gets the girl. Why females worship those types is beyond my comprehension level.

message 15: by Samantha (new) - added it

Samantha Dawson Sorry about the autocorrect.... laptop broke so I'm stuck worth my phone.

message 16: by Kyleah (new) - added it

Kyleah i like shay. i think ren is the one holding her back. shay beleives that calla can stand up aginst eveyone and anyone, to do what she beleives is right. ren on the other hand is all about honnor. she should learn to take charge of her own life and make her own decitions.

Nicole I love this series! I also like the lux series. I'm yeam Ren though. I know who she ends up with

Sp33dyreader I LOVE SHAY I don't like Ren. He sux

Sp33dyreader TEAM SHAY 4EVA!!

message 20: by Danielle (new)

Danielle I think Calla needs to make up her mind or say something to Shay like she did around the endish. She kinda put him through a lot. Like, talk about mood swings.

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