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A Small Death in Lisbon by Robert Wilson
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Feb 12, 2011

liked it
bookshelves: 2003, bc
Read in September, 2003

I liked the book, but I found some "buts" while reading it - after checking Hirondelle's notes on the book, I have to say that I agree with some of them (the sex scenes, the blue eyes things - it is a scientifically possibility that parents with brown eyes have a blue-eyed kid, even though it'd be more likely for the kid to be brown-eyed). About the story, in the beginning it was a bit hard to read as I was much more interested in one of the stories, but not so much in the other one, but when things started to fit, I became more enthralled. And the ending is unexpected. All in all it was quite interesting and I'm sure that this book envolved a lot of research!

It was a nice experience to read a book writen by a foreign author set in Lisbon & Portugal (at least part of it), but it was strange to read dialogues that happened in Portuguese written in English, I mean, it was strange to think that it was actually Portuguese people talking. I kept imagining Inspector Zé Coelho as an English guy... There is also someone speaking Portuguese with Brazilian accent, but as far as I was concerned, the English language could not "translate" for me the difference of the accents, which is a pity. And since there are so many Portuguese expressions and words written on the book that are not translated, I wonder how can a non-Portuguese speaking person understand this book completely... I think it'd be more interesting to have these words translated...
And there's a typo on a date (besides some on Portuguese words): page 237 on the edition I've read refers to 1955 and not 1995.

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