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Surrender to the Fury by Connie Mason
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Really annoying!

Aimee meets Nick Drummond on a river boat. Her father has died leaving her impoverished. We are told that she has taken up poker in order to make ends meet.

At the start the author says that the h has managed to put enough money away to make a new start, but somehow she manages to lose everything in one night to the hero. She accuses him of cheating and he offers her a deal of high card draw, if she wins, she recovers everything; but if he wins, he gets his choice of the prize. Of course he wins. He demands that she sleeps with him. We are told that she is a virtuous virgin but she does not seem to object to this at all. He doesn't even notice that she was a virgin as he thinks her a whore and he abandons her the next morning before she awakes. She is left impoverished and pregnant.

5 years later she had married and been widowed due to the civil war. The hero is a captain in the Union army and comes to occupy her plantation. She is terrified that he will recognise that he is her son Brand's father. Almost from the get go, the hero accosts the heroine and seems to feel entitled to grab her breasts and stick his hand up her skirts whenever he feels like it.

The heroine gets inveigled into trying to find out information contained in his dispatches. He finds her in his room and they have sex. He later realises what she was up to and catches her and the neighbour and arrests them. Thereafter he locks Aimee in her room and threatens her. He tells her she must be grateful to him and sleep with him or else he will have her imprisoned. She tells him she hates him but they go at it like rabbits. All night long. Again and again. In tedious detail.

She runs away as she does not want to be treated as a whore. Brand gets ill so she sends him back. She is accosted by deserters who try and rape her but is rescued by nick. They go at it like rabbits.

Nick goes back to war and is injured. Aimee goes to find him and saves his life. They go at it like rabbits.

They do start to come to terms with ( slightly ) deeper emotions and the relationship improves.

However then Nick's fiancee turns up and the heroine realises that he's a scum bag whom she hates.
By this stage the hero has a good idea that Brand is his son but every time they start to discuss this, something happens....

Nick goes off to Washington leaving the heroine with hardly any money and no food. The plantation is burnt down by union forces and she, her companion and Brand almost freeze/ starve to death.

Eventually she tries to get work but ends up in a whore house as there is nothing else available. The Madame feeds her up for a week and then arranges her debut. Nick arrives just in time and they argue and again go at it like rabbits. He wants to take her away but she's not quite sure - I mean, maybe she would rather be a ho than get married to her son's father. That's right, she is officially TSTL

They go to Washington. Initially for some reason, the heroine refuses to marry Nick. I don't know why as i was skim reading at this point. They argue. Eventually marry and go at it some more.

She eventually declares her love and comes to believe the hero's declaration but by this stage, frankly I didn't give a damn...

There is a return to the rebuilt plantation and the birth of twins to end the book.

The heroine hates the hero yet gets it on with him at every opportunity and I found it really hard to have any respect for her. Despite what happened before, at no stage does it ever seem to occur to her that all the sex ( and there is a lot of it) could lead to consequences and a further pregnancy. Given her social pariah state before her marriage, I would have expected this to be a significant fear which would have put her off the constant sex. No such luck. Neither party even comments on the risk or takes any preventative measure. The author makes comment that Aimee hates having the sex because it is lust rather than love, but it does not seem to stop her in practical terms.

The hero has a lack of awareness of appropriate boundaries and sees nothing wrong with lifting her skirts and grabbing/ groping her without invitation. He treats her like a whore locking her in at night and then demanding that she service him but yet saying that she is not mistreated.

The hero impoverishes Aimee, impregnates her, abandons her, leaves her with a lost reputation and in desperate straights, he then further accosts her, locks her up, threatens her with imprisonment, treats her like a whore, fails to propose, fails to mention her is engaged to another woman despite all the rabbit esque behaviour, he leaves her and his son to the casual observer he is a pretty unattractive fellow. He seems to struggle to grasp the fact that the h may not be overly impressed with him given her experiences of him to date and he doesn't really understand why she is not casting herself at him as soon as he knocks on the door. Really , he is not the sharpest tool in the box....

The descriptions of sex, which must fill at least a quarter of the book, are just tedious and given the lack of emotion are pretty cold and unattractive as well as repetitive. There is more to love than sex , although it would be hard to tell from this book.

The writing style was also problematic in other ways and it really annoyed me that the proper forms of address were not adhered to. Although this may seem petty, it compromised the historical context of the book.

All in all, not my cup of tea.

The hero was not particularly attractive and the heroine fell into the too stupid to live category.

I'm not sure if this should be classified as a bodice ripper but it was definitely a sex fest.
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message 1: by Kasha (new)

Kasha thank you, lol. I cant stop laughing at "they go at it like rabbit". lol

message 2: by Joy (new)

Joy OMG! Bodice ripper territory. Detest them. Saved me from wasting precious hours of my life. Thanks :)

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