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Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat by Hal Herzog
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Feb 12, 2011

really liked it

Herzog examines all the ins and outs of the human relationship with animals: How we differ from citizens of other countries on how we look at pets, eating flesh, blood sports; how inconsistant our views are on treatment of animals; use of animals in science and much more.
For instance, he poses this odd situation. Why is it cruel to raise a rooster for two years, feeding it the best food and bugs, allowing him to run free range, giving him the best of health care.......but not cruel to eat a chicken that never saw the sun, was crowded against 20,000 other miserable chickens and have its head chopped off at the age of 4 months? He points out that "lower class sports" such as cock fighting, dog fighting, bull baiting were deemed illegal decades ago, but "upper class sports" such as fox hunting and horse racing are okay.
He also mentions a study that, up to now, has examined some 15,000 dogs of all breeds, including almost 400 border collies. To enter your dog(s) in the study, go to It's pretty interesting.

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