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Mar 25, 12

Read from February 12 to 14, 2011

I received this as an ARC from
I don't know if I can stop laughing long enough to write this review!

Okay, so last week sometime Alyssa Milano posted on Twitter a thank you to The Oatmeal-the author of this book.

The next day, my friend wrote an awesomesauce review of this book

At that point I realized that I HAVE to read this book. So while I know I usually review romances, this was too good to pass up.

I think that there wasn't a page where I didn't crack up. I now know what men do and say to each other in the men's room:

(not an excerpt)

"Hey bro what's up?"
deep heartfelt groan as he finishes up.
"Dude, if you shake it too much you're playing with it."
"Nah, you gotta show it who's boss."

There's a section all about calling someone for tech support, and Holy Crap was it hysterical!!!! It's funny because it's true!

I learned lots of fun little tidbits like:

If your pony growls, it's not a pony, it's a lion. You should run.

How to hunt a unicorn.

How to prepare for when the zombies take over.

Hitler hated cats.

How to suck at Facebook.

How to suck at texting.

And of course, 5 very good reasons to punch a dolphin in the mouth

My favorite line from this entire book was:

"We can poop again!"

Coolest Words Used:

-man nipples

This book is absolutely worth the read, and the humor is epic. I mean seriously, where else will you find kittens armed with samurai swords? Seriously.
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94.0% "Did u know ponies are the only animal known to poop rainbows? Lol"

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Lyndsey Yay! You are AWESOME SAUCE!!

message 2: by Lyndsey (last edited Feb 12, 2011 03:20PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Lyndsey Lol. I'm a dork. I just "liked" this... Once you write your review, I will unlike it like then like it again right away for full effect. Then you will have been doubly liked!

Laura the Highland Hussy lol-no prob! :)

message 4: by Jimi (new)

Jimi Anderson I love The Oatmeal- he is hilarious!

message 5: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ omg this sounds funny. Not my normal book, but I may have to check it out for a few laughs. :)

Lyndsey Aren't samurai kittens the cutest?! Great review! You mentioned all my favorite parts. :D

Laura the Highland Hussy Jimi-I've been stalking his website now :)

Sarah-it is soo not my norm, but also very worth the read.

Lyndsey-did I? I had a really hard time not mentioning some things because your review was so great and I didn't want to copy it But thank you, and your poster of the samurai kitties was just my fave of all of them!

Lyndsey Watch out, Bear-o-dactyl might bite you for saying that!

Laura the Highland Hussy lmao! I better duck and cover cuz that mofo looks MEAN!

Lyndsey LOL. He wanted me to tell you: (view spoiler)

His words, not mine.

Greta is Erikasbuddy Ooooow!! I wants to read it!!

Have you seen the Bobs?
I want them to have their own book.
That's my husband at work in cat form hahas!

message 13: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ LMAO Greta! Oh they're fantastic! They totally should get their own book, I agree.

Greta is Erikasbuddy ♥ Sarah ♥ wrote: "LMAO Greta! Oh they're fantastic! They totally should get their own book, I agree."

Aren't they? They were in the LOL Cats a while ago and I about died laughing!! I sent them to my hubz and he printed some of them out to hang in his cube haahs!! I'm sure his company is thanking me for helping spruce up the place lolz!

message 16: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ lmao, that's hilarious! I'm going to have to read this book. Ever since you posted the first link for the Bobs, for the past 30 minutes I've been on his site. I should probably go do something now. lol

Greta is Erikasbuddy LOLZ! Awesome ;)

Laura the Highland Hussy OMGsh! I'm cracking up at the Bobs! :)
that was awesome!

message 19: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ have officially caused me to waist the last like 2 hours. lol I showed my hubby that and then we sat on the couch for hours looking at his other stuff. lol

I feel like a total lazy ass now. :-P

Greta is Erikasbuddy AWESOME!! I'm glad that I have given you 2 a new addiction muhahahahas!!

message 21: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥'re evil ;)

Greta is Erikasbuddy LOLZ! It's in my nature ;) Note the avi ;) Muhahahahas lolz!!

message 23: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ Yes, you're as evil as Mr. Burns...if not more. Planting new addictions to keep us all from doing productive things. Bwahahaha! :)

message 24: by new_user (new)

new_user OMG, I just read some of this in BN the other day, and it is hilarious! I think I love it as much The Onion.

Laura the Highland Hussy new_user wrote: "OMG, I just read some of this in BN the other day, and it is hilarious! I think I love it as much The Onion."

I'm telling you, it's hysterical!

message 26: by Nissie (new) - added it

Nissie Okay, I have to get this! I need a laugh. :)

AND- My son was standing around looking at my books earlier and said he couldn't begin to imagine how many pics of "man nipples" were in this house! He said it was disturbing LOL

message 27: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ LMAO Nissie! How old is your son?

message 28: by Nissie (new) - added it

Nissie Sarah, he's 26. My other son is 24 and they have a blast making fun of my romance novels. They've been known to open one up to any random page and read aloud. It just cracks them up LOL!

message 29: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ lol, that's hilarious. I don't have kids, but I get it from my husband all the time too. Whatever! We like smut, hear us roar! :)

message 30: by Nissie (new) - added it

Nissie That's right! Roar loud and proud! :)

Laura the Highland Hussy My 3 yr old likes to wear his kilt and play with his swords (nerf foam sword) and he thinks he's so funny to pull out one of my books and tell me he looks like the guy on the cover

message 32: by Nissie (new) - added it

Nissie Laurie, that is precious! I hope you get pics of him doing that. :D

message 33: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ Awww..that's so cute Laura!

Laura the Highland Hussy Nissie, I'll have to email you pics because he cracks me up!
My 6 yr old daughter on the other hand rolls her eyes and says "Another naked man?"
my jaw dropped, and all I could sputter was "he has a kilt on!"

message 35: by ♥ Sarah ♥ (new)

♥ Sarah ♥ LMAO! So funny...

message 36: by Nissie (new) - added it

Nissie ROFL! That is hilarious! I love how entertaining kids are. :D

And please do email the pics! I would love to see them.

message 37: by Brittany B. (new)

Brittany B. This is so funny!!

Laura the Highland Hussy lol, the website is pretty fun too

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