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Cold Fire by Kate Elliott
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Sep 27, 2011

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I don’t know, you guys. I REALLY loved the first book in this series, but this one starts out on the wrong foot. (And then kind of continues that way.) I was looking forward to this one so much that I went out and got it the first day it was released. But - all the things I loved about the first book were kind of missing – the cold mages, the magic, Andevai’s history and conflict with the Four Moons house (SUCH a great character), Catherine’s family and cousin and the backdrop of her traditional upper class upbringing in contrast to the circumstances in which she finds herself.

Instead we get: a new setting, fire mages who don’t do a lot of magic, zombies/lepers, a group of revolutionaries who were minor characters before and have been promoted within the plot, and a whack of new, bland, sort of interchangeable characters right off the bat. Also, in the introduction the author takes pains to explain that this is not an alternate history, merely “a fantasia of an Earth that might have been had conditions included an extended Ice Age, the intelligent descendants of troodons, nested planes of interleaved worlds, and human access to magical forces…” Um. Isn’t that the same thing?

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Don’t get me wrong, this was still extremely addictive reading, and I finished the whole thing in a couple of days. But I was disappointed when comparing this to the first book in the series.
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Phoebe My sentiments exactly. (Especially about the random foreword by the author. What was that about?) The first book was impressive and fresh, especially with the use of ice magic and the sense of mystery and engima amidst the juxtaposition of the spirit world and the political intrigue. Rory was a fantastic addition in contrast to Vai's chilling arrogance that concealed wordless desires and passions. And Cat. Cat was the star of it all. She wasn't a warrior but she was a survivor. The first book was amazing.

And then. The second book. (Sighs.)

I don't even know if I want to continue reading. If she doesn't move the story back to Europa I'm going to abandon this series for good.

Phoebe Oh one more thing. I really liked Cat and Bee's relationship but the nature of their bond seemed somewhat altered...particularly the representation of their devotion and loyalty.Also, Bee was precocious in the first book. In this one, she was just irritating.

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I agree. So many new characters, most of them indistinguishable. And all the stuff at the bar - I was so angry. Time was passing & instead of making decisions, all she did was mend clothes and eat.

Cassandra Kenney Yup this is how I felt about the transition from first to second book. First she is a strong independent young woman who can save herself, then she's not much more then a tool.

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