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The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff
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Oct 19, 11

bookshelves: fantasy, audiobook
Read in January, 2011

I felt this story had a solid premise but as others have commented about, it dragged and was slow in several parts. (And the reader sounded like he was on the verge of coughing or tears throughout the entire book, so it was hard to read the character's emotions in alot of spots. Or maybe that was the intention of the book/author. I'd have to listen to other books read by him to know.) Overall I felt the background story, the characters, had a really good basis. But that too much of the book was 'filler' that could have been used to give the characters more than their two dimensional feel. Alot of the language felt odd for teenagers to use (50cent words, or way of phrasing things, especially in arguments). Alot of the reactions were under or over exaggerated, especially for Tate - there was no build-up or middle ground. She either has a really good theory of what's going on in the town and is angry over it or totally oblivious when proof is presented to her and kept repeating 'what!?!?!?!' in astonishment, it felt silly. It was also very confusing what sort of relationship Macky and Tate really had throughout the book, which was frustrating. I didn't know if I should like her or be wary that she was just using him. It wasn't consistent. Macky's personality was timid and frail at one point and then BAM! heroic and a confident jock the next, then back to being an uncertain outcast teenager again. There was an attempt at character growth but it came in jolts which didn't fit the slow pace of the the rest of the book.
Like I said, I felt this was a great start, very interesting premise, and I didn't hate it. But it felt more like a rough draft then a final revision of a story. I know it was the authors debut. And I take that into consideration.
She did a great deal of research into fairies, but unless you did the same type of research (like I have), it was too subtle to catch. I know why she never outright said it, and only says the word 'Fay' in one sentence in the entire book. I know why, and not naming them is a very fairy aspect, but I think she should have found a happier middle-ground for those not fairy-crazy (like me). Otherwise people were left with 'what the hell are they!?!?!' Or at the very least, say it on the cover. Just get it out of the way so people aren't left so confused.
Having said all that I would still love to see a continuation or another attempt at the story, because I do think the premise is a very interesting one, and deserves more attention. I can see this turning into a movie if she works at it. And I would love to see it.
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