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A Summer in Sonoma by Robyn Carr
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Feb 15, 2011

it was amazing
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Read from February 11 to 12, 2011

okay I don't think there are spoilers in here that is why it is not checked if there are, well sorry :)

Cassie-is that girl that has an image of the "all american husband in her mind" being a ER nurse she is an adrenaline junkie, however after a really horrible bad date she meets a long-haired biker that really turns her life kind of up side down. He takes everything really slow. Walt does not want to push his luck with her. He knew what she went through and as much as he loved the "friend" stage he was ready for more but at her speed. Cassie enjoyed that Walt is introducing her to the different parts of Sonoma. However has much as Cassie hates that fact that she didn't come from money and has worked hard for the life that she has, she hates the fact that Walt spends so much money on wine, coats, and everything else. When the truth finally comes out about Walt it is up to Cassie to put her prejudiced aside and finally see the man that Walt has been.

I love Walt. I love the fact that Walt has a naked lady tattoo right on his forearm for the whole world to see. He is that guy that most people might shy away from in the real world, so it makes you question yourself as it did Cassie

Julie--married her high school sweetheart—then before you know it they had three kids. Billy her husband loved her more than life really was happy go lucky but worked 2 jobs. Julie struggled just to keep food on the table and often only had cereal for dinner not letting Kevin know this. Julie ended up pregnant for the 4th time even with the IUD in place. Julie was the girl many probably could relate too in times like these. Billy then took matters into his own hands and then finally understood why his own wife had acted the way she had for so long. Through financial counselling they were finally able to see the light. I loved them as a couple. No matter what they loved each other. They knew the good the bad, and still they loved each other and sexually loved each other even with kids.

Marty is married to Joe. Joe is also a firefighter with Billy who is married to Julie. Joe's lost all the romance. He eats dinner in his filthy clothes from cleaning the yard. Doesn't shave, rolls over and says hey lets have sex, what a romantic. Never picks up after himself, but he is a great father. Time after again Marty asks him to just pick up after himself. Not hard right. Well she had enough. Marty finally had enough and just leaves the house. Well who does she run into but the ex that rocked her world. The ex that I am she all of us girl had, that we kept taking back no matter what. Well needless to say one night after so many weeks, Joe walks in all sweaty and smelling like compost and all Marty wanted was for him to clean the Kitchen nope she found him still dirty and passed out on the couch with their son. She decides to call the ex. They meet head to a restaurant, ex proceeds to take matters to the next level......
Joe gets the hint he realizes that he is about to lose his wife, he goes to Billy for advice. He is trying and Marty realizes it. They agree to try and talk to each other. Their story is very touching and heart felt, because their story is something that really could very much happen to anyone.

Beth, is wow and OB doc who alone is battling breast cancer again. she already lost one breast and now because of the the advance treatment that her new doctor is suggesting is going to lose the second one. I liked her story. because her story is heart felt because she didn't want her friends to feel as though they had to be bombarded with her needed I wanted to smack her. Like how dare you turn away from your family and yet I understood. What got me though was the love that grew with her own doctor even though he was so much older than her. it was cute

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