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Numbers by Rachel Ward
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Feb 10, 2011

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Read from February 10 to 20, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I choose to read this book because its cover seemed interesting and since i had heard what it was about i thought it would be a good book to read. The genre of this book is sort of like mystery/romance because it kind of has a love story going on and it has a mystery of a girl been able to predict peoples deaths in their eyes just by looking at them. The book really doesn't have much of a setting because its about two teenagers running off and their basically every where. But in the end it mostly takes place in a church. The main character of this book is Jem. Jem has never like to look at anyone right in the eye because she can see their date of death. She figured it out once her mother died and this one guy wrote the number down and she new she saw it all along since her childhood. Jem never had a best friend and didn't want many people close to her because she knew eventually they would leave her and since her moms death caused her a great loss she doesn't want to go through it again.

Jem meets a guy named Spider at first she wants nothing to do with him but as they start to get along she finds out she cares about him more than she thought. Jem notices that an accident is going to to occur in the london eye so she tells spider to run away from there with her so they do. Apperantly people thought they seemed suspicious and they wanted to talk to them about the situtation but they instead ran away. Spider's nan tells Jem to take care of spider and Jem feels sad because she can't tell Spider or his nan that Spider only has until 12/15/2010 to live. As they travel along they face hunger,cold, and sleep on the floor. When they decide to cross a river, Spider accidently slips and Jem saves his live. And they have sort of a hard time when this drug dealer finds them. Spider had stolen his money so he could run away with Jem and the drug dealer chases them until he gets a hold of Jem and Spider decides to give him the money so he lets go of Jem. Eventually the police gets a hold of Spider and their only looking for Jem now. Jem is at first very scared of been on her own without spider anymore since they shared a romantic seen where she gives her virginity away to Spider. She believes Spider is going to catch up with her at Westford so she keeps on going. On her trip she meets a girl named Brittney who ends up been a sheriffs daughter. She helps Jem out, gives her food and offers her to spend they night at her house. Jem had to trust Brittney, she slept at her house for a bit took a shower and Brittney gave her some stuff to help her travel. But eventually Jem gets caught, she tries to have a deal with the police to let Spider go and she promises to tell everything she knows as long as they let her see him. Karen looks after Jem since her mom died. Jem tries to prevent Spider's death by jumping off the church. She ends up not doing it when spider stops her. He starts trying to be funny with her, when he's slips off the building and dies.

All the time they were in the journey Jem tried to prevent his death but she couldn't. She ended up been pregnet of Spider(which i kind of expected throught the story:P).And she has a hard time at first getting over spiders death. Karen helps her raise little Adam. Which ends up looking like his dad alot and i think that he got the same gift as his mom which is to see peoples numbers.And he already knows his mom's number (Jem).I liked this book but it hasn't been the best book i have read it took me a while to finish and i think that the author could have added more to it. I thought that the books ending was sad. And i dont like sad endings.
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