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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban by J.K. Rowling
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My favorite in the series. I love the Time-Turner and Buckbeak and the dementors (OK, it's more of a love-to-hate-them relationship) and Lupin and Crookshanks and Hogsmeade - I love Hogsmeade - and everything else about this fantastic, wonderful, incredible book. It's indescribable. You have to read it to believe in its brilliance.

From Harry doing his homework under his sheets at night to the final confrontation under the Whomping Willow, it's a brilliant book. We laugh, cry, groan, and cheer - Hermione slapping Malfoy is one of the occasions for cheering. Professor Trelawney is excellently done. Hagrid as a teacher is both nightmarish and wonderful. Snape is horribly unbearable. The characters are so believable that they're real; I have a very hard time remembering that they are not actually walking around the world.

There are very few flaws in the book, and none whatsoever in J.K. Rowling's brilliant, exciting, three-dimensional world. In fact, on racking my brains to think of a single fault, I've come up with - nothing. Nothing except that I can't physically travel there.

How can anyone fail to love Harry and Ron and Hermione and Quidditch and Hogwarts and Hagrid and the wizarding world?

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