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A Moth in Darkness by Frances Pauli
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May 09, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: fantasy, fey, mystery
Read from April 24 to 27, 2011

Liz is one of three women to create the first doorway for the fey to cross into our world. For a while she worked at the Embassy tending to fey/human relations. But she left the job after something happened with her partner, and now she ushers fey into the world at a place not so different of feel than a tram station. Liz seems to be trying to escape, or maybe remember, something inside herself as she goes with the fairies who call to her every night into the Middle World. Here is where she eats their snacks and drinks their juices, and dances the night away. But, now the agent friend that Liz trained, Bev, shows up with a warning that her name is being tossed around the Embassy and something is a buzz... There's a rogue elf killing other elves and Liz is drawn back into the service of the Embassy because of who it is. Maybe her addiction to the fairy dancing will help with the case, or maybe not... Will her new temporary partner go with his instincts or follow orders?

I have to say the world created here is really a great one full of Fey of all kinds; elves, pixies, fairies, trolls, and gnomes. The connection between the fey world and human on is neat with the portals that takes an ability and power to help open the doorway, on both sides. Now the fey come to our world openly, but they are not always accepted here. And vice versa.

But the fairies where an attraction to me. I liked how they came to Liz every night as they loved the way she danced. But they left me wondering if there wasn't more behind that visiting than I was aware of. And they always seemed adorable with the way they looked. And there is one fairy in particular I'm curious about.

I liked the way I got the story of Liz and her past partner through out the book. I wanted to get more of that connection and see them together, but he is to be dead. We learn of Liz and her past partner through her memories and it is a wonderful way to bring you to love a character that's not physically present in the story. Then we have a new friendship that starts to bloom with her new temporary partner as the characters start to relate and care for each other.

We do get a few different view points in the book as the different characters learn different pieces of the puzzle, and it adds to the anxiety you start to feel for the characters and the situation they are in. I left the book wanting more. I'm hoping there is a second book with these characters as I want to follow the story line further and see what happens. Really a fun fey-magic mystery read!


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04/24/2011 page 17
8.02% "Hmmm, I have a few questions. And neat with fey ported over through a door at a "train station" type setting."
04/25/2011 page 86
41.0% "Oh, I like Liz's memories with Lockland. And I'm curious where things go with Marcus, and even with Lockland!"
04/26/2011 page 170
80.0% "Do I really need to go to bed and get sleep for work tomorrow? I want to keep reading and finish! I WILL finish tomorrow!"

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