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School of Fear by Gitty Daneshvari
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Feb 20, 2011

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Read from February 10 to 17, 2011

Four children, Madeline, Garrison, Lulu and Theo and their families, have had it with their persistent phobias. They've tried everything, but with no success. Madeline still requires any building she enters to have been recently fumigated as she fears any type of insect as well as spiders. Garrison, is afraid of water in any quantity, which unfortunate as he lives in Miami, Lulu carries handcuffs with her at all times, not to accentuate her rebellious wardrobe, but in the chance that someone might try to force her into an elevator or other such enclosed space and Theo keeps a journal called, "Dead or Alive," which he updates hourly by phoning or texting his relatives.

With cases such as these there is only one place to turn; School of Fear. An exclusive academy with a track record of curing the worst phobias so that it's students can resume living a normal life. Luckily for the four kids, they got accepted for the exclusive summer camp. Unluckily for them all is not what it seems at the School. First of all, it's located on a jutting cliff on the other side of a deadly forest. Secondly the headmaster is a one time beauty queen who seems to have gone round the bend. Third, all the food has been flavored to taste exactly like "maggot cheese," the headmasters favorite food!

Will the kids get over their fears, or will they add the fear of eating cheese to their already extensive lists!

I enjoyed this quirky and quick read with it's fairly large cast of eccentric characters and interesting twists. I would have enjoyed learning a bit more about the school and it's various mysterious doors, but perhaps in the sequel some of those leftover questions will be answered.

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