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Wildefire by Karsten Knight
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Feb 10, 2011

really liked it
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Read on May 21, 2011

What? What?! What do you mean! You can't end the book like this! I demand a sequel!!!


*straps alter ego to the wall*

*mutters* Damn fangirls.

Q: So, how can I describe Karsten Knight's "Wildefire" without sounding like a complete and utter psycho?

A: I can't. I can promise though that I will not go off stalking anyone - I'm in a session right now.

But on the (relatively) serious note, I have to say that this was one of those experiences that you want to repeat, again and again. Seriously: I'm in heaven. Who cares about accounting? If I didn't get it the first time, chances are I won't be able to draw up a BS on the exam day either (that's Balance Sheet, for those of you currently not involved in a creepy love/hate relationship with your calculator).

I've been dying to read Wildefire for a long time. I've been dying to read it even before I knew of the book. I think... yes, I think that I've been dying to read it since the moment I realized that I won't be able to pick up a paranormal YA without shivering with fear at the prospect of yet another stalkerish "relationship" based entirely on the man's looks. Pre-conception is a horrible thing, and I've wanted to be proven wrong for a long, long time.

Luckily, Wildefire more than rises to the challenge. First of all, this is a book that doesn't revolve around two people falling in love. Instead, it's a novel about coming of age, rising to the challenge of your ancestry, and, most of all, it's a novel about family and roots. No, not quite like What Can't Wait, but it comes as a close second. Perhaps the highlight of this book for me were the interactions between Eve and Ash, and how the relationship between them is explored.

Then there is the mythology, which is actually pretty well thought of. Reading the Greek Myths as a child, I always thought the Gods seemed so human in their passions, only a lot more ruthless and entitled. That image fits with what Knight does in Wildefire, and I'm so very glad that none of their behavior is sugarcoated: there is violence, and there are reprecussions.

*alter ego* Which reminds me! Rolfe! Oh, Rolfe! My black heart weeps for you.

*me* Hush, woman, or so help me, I'll make you listen to Love Story on repeat!

Speaking of which, rejoice, fellow martyrs, for we have a book with an honest to goodness love story! No stalking! No creepy watching her sleep! And certainly no treating the woman like she's a helpless idiot. I'm pretty sure that if anyone tried to pull that one on Ash, she would have kicked them so hard they'd sail over to the moon. That girl is made of WIN!

Really, I can sit here and rave about this book all night (or day, depending on the time zone). In a nutshell: It's fast-paced, it's enterainting, and it's amazingly well-thought of. Seriously, I recommend it to everyone looking for a fantastic paranormal YA.

*looks back*

*alter ego looks like this*


*looks uncertain*

*cracks* What?

*alter ego* There's gonna be a sequel right?

*grumbles* The world is coming to an... hey wait a minute! The Rapture ended half an hour ago!

Note: I got a copy of this book via Galley Grab for reviewing purposes.
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