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Banished by Sophie Littlefield
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Feb 09, 2011

really liked it
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Read in February, 2011

A very nicely written book. Hailey is a strong main character--she cares and struggles not to let others drag her down. She has no idea what's going on, but she still tries to do her best. I find her relationship with Chub to be a strong one. I usually dislike little kids in books, but Chub made for an interesting and worthwhile character. Hailey has a great deal of common sense (which I am very much glad to see) and even when her world is spinning around her, she makes decisions that are not stupid. And for all of this, she is not invincible. She still gets hurt and she still cries, but you never think of her as a weak character. Just about everyone tries to drag Hailey down into the muck, but she still strives to not get trapped, to be better than her surroundings. She's a very good main character.

The other characters are decent enough. Hailey's aunt, Prairie, has an interesting story of her own to tell. What I liked best was that there wasn't very much of this long drawn out, must keep secrets from vulnerable children. No, Prairie tries to tell Hailey as much information as she could (well, in between the entire running away from people who want to kill or kidnap them) and it's almost novel that the main character is actually informed of what is going on, and is 'allowed' to participate. Well, Prairie does try to resist, but in the end actually accepts Hailey and Kaz's help.

Kaz is interesting. He is introduced fairly late in the book, which is probably why he seems a bit flat to me. I wanted a bit more depth out of him, but there didn't seem to be enough pages in order to do so (not to mention the entire plot thing that was front and center, haha). He seemed like a decent enough guy though.

The plot itself was fairly engaging. Most of the book is spent with Hailey living her life (and it sucks) and discovering her powers, and then the on the run bit with her aunt Prairie. It was decently paced and the action scenes were sufficiently tense. The ending fit and everything seemed rounded out nicely.

It did seem like an introductory book, even though there is a full on plot (complete with beginning, middle, and conclusion). Granted, the last few pages were a lead in to the next stage of the adventure, but the main plot in the book is wrapped up. But there was a sense of... not quite sure. Like there should have been something more to the book, even if it was nicely written. I feel like I wanted more of the characters. Most of it was action packed and very tense, and I suppose I just wanted a scene where you could see them relax a bit, show a little more of who they are outside of the situation they were thrown in. This book had no room for that (and it's understandable), but it was something I would have liked to have seen.

Overall, it was a good book. 3.5 stars, rounded up to 4 for me.

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