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Brethren by W.A. Hoffman
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Feb 08, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 08 to March 11, 2011

If you expecting pirates who's sole activity is killing and have absolutely no character beyond 'me pirate, get booty, you die' with no down time then this book is not for you.

These are real people who just so happen to go roving for booty. They also have lives when they are NOT doing those things and the story includes some rather lengthy time on land. Some are mad (as in truly insane), mentally unstable, and some I think fancy themselves sophists.

This is an excellent story that the author has gone to great lengths to feel authentic and succeeds admirably. Will an english lord and Gaston the Ghoul (so called because he arranges dead bodies in mad fits) are interesting characters that, like many people who live on the sea, have time for some introspective discussions and philosophical discussions (and then go kill some Spaniards). Unlike many male-male love stories the sex is secondary in this one. In fact they have some major mental problems in that area.

So I hope you enjoy reading about these guys, they are not just pirates they are buccannears which, Gaston explains there is a difference. Truly enjoyable read and the sequel builds on anything that isn't touched on in this book.

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