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Wither by Lauren DeStefano
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Jul 16, 2011

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bookshelves: sci-fi-and-dystopian
Read in March, 2011

I must confess to being unsure about how I feel about this book. On one hand, it's a fascinating idea with interesting details and a set of well-defined characters. On the other...well, it's the start of a trilogy, which of course means the publisher just wants to make more money, so they're thinning out a plot that could realistically have been written in 1 - 2 books. Also, a big part of the plot is that wives are chosen so they can have children in order to carry on the human race while they look for this antidote. If that's so, then it seems like a complete waste to destroy the life of someone who can bear a child. There are a few inconsistencies like that, but I'm hoping that the subtle hints written in mean that there are many many lies about what's actually occurring. I want to give the next book a chance, but if those inconsistencies are still around (i.e. the world is flooded and only North America survives? Check out a topo map sometime - North America isn't the high point of the world.), I wouldn't be able to finish it. However, if it's all a part of some giant conspiracy or plot that I haven't dreamed up yet, then the author may be a bit of a genius - it all hinges on what happens next.

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