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Over The Moon by Angela Knight
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Feb 10, 11

bookshelves: paranormal-romance, supernatural-romance, short-story, anthology
Recommended to Debbie by: Thanks Kenjii
Read in February, 2011 — I own a copy

- Moon Dance by Angela Knight
Lucas Rolling of the Harrisville Police Department had been bitten. Now that he was a Direkind (werewolf) his size and strength showed him to be an alpha type. An alpha was what Elena Livingston needed if she wanted out of the marriage her aging father had just arranged for her.
**** Book 3.5 ….. Really enjoyed Lucas and Elena in this story. A few different approaches to were-lore making this a story that I would like to see more of. The magic of Merlin angle and the hierarchy of the Chosen was only barely touched on, but very interesting. Turns out this is just a novella (short story) in the Mageverse series, I really need to get Masters of the Night (the first full sized book of the series).

- Between the Mountain and the Moon by Virginia Kantra
Deciding that a hike on the Appalachian Trail might help focus on the rest of her life, Cait MacLean headed out with a few friends. Getting separated from her friends and meeting other hikers, she found herself doing things that normally she would have put more thought into. Meeting her on the mountain trail had gone as planned but seeing her, getting to know her made Rhys realize that he wanted to change the rest of the plans.
**** The fairy tale world comes to life for Cate and her family. Would have liked more information about how this fairy tale worked, most of the story I was curious then after I started to figure things out I found that it was a good combination of fairy tale, romance and suspense even if it did take a while to get to the good stuff. The authors note says that Cait’s mom & dads story can be found as a novella (Midsummer Nights Magic).

- Driftwood by MaryJanice Davidson
Finally finding where the vampire that trended her and killer her best friend was living, Serena Crull made her way to Cape Cod. Getting stuck in a sand put and finding no way out might have changed her plane for revenge if Burke Wolftaur hadn’t found her. Leaving her there was the hardest thing he had ever done, but the full moon was rising and he was about to change. Coming back to dig her out and only expecting to find her body, he was surprised and became devoted after finding her alive and mad.
*** Book 5.5 ….. I have had problems with the last book I read in the series that this is loosely connected to, but this novella was actually a bit better. Not sure how Serena got stuck in the sand pit but I did enjoy the unique meeting it prompted. Burke had many sides to him, something I thought him stupid and the sometimes kind but overall I liked him as the strong beta he was. Liked Serena’s understanding and accepting side that she showed at the end of the story more than her attitude in the beginning. Still stumbling with the writing style of this author, it seems to take a lot of getting use to.

- Mona Lisa Three by Sunny
Preparing to leave the city and find her new home, Mona Lisa found her mother Mona Sera asking a favor. Healing Beldar was not something she wanted to do considering what he had tried to do to her. With the help of her personal guards Gryphon, Amber and Chami, she may be able to get them all out of the city alive and together.
*** Book 2 ….. What a strange series. Might be that I haven’t read enough to understand it, but for the most part I find it (the character of Mona Lisa) an excuse to have a another sex scene. Don’t understand the appeal of Mona Lisa other than her gift of healing. Again maybe because I have only read this series (Monere: Children of the Moon) in a couple of novellas. I might be missing something. It was interesting enough that I will probably find Mona Lisa Awakening, the first novel of the series.

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