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Redwall by Brian Jacques
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Feb 09, 2011

it was amazing
Read in February, 2011

Jacob Gold

Redwall is an amazing book for any person who wants to read a lighthearted adventure book. Even if fantasy is not your favorite genre of books, you will still very much enjoy this great book. This is my favorite fantasy book for a few reasons. My first reason is it is very simple. You don’t need to be a master reader or have a great memory to read this book. I know that when I read Harry potter, I could not keep up with all of the characters and spells. When you start reading you instantly know it is a fantasy book because there are talking animals. The story is very enjoyable. It starts of with a quiet, peaceful city of mice. One day an evil horde of rats attack them. The Mice fight back even though they are relatively peaceful creatures. The leader of the army’s name is Cluny. He is a one eyed, huge, bloodthirsty rat. He wants to overthrow Redwall (Redwall is there little city that is surrounded by a wall). The mice of Redwall have a prophet named Martin the Warrior. Cluny steals the tapestry of Martin the Warrior. Underneath the tapestry are clues to where his sword lies. A young boy goes on a crazy adventure to find the sword, and to fight of the evil rats. The boys name is Matthias. He is a boy who is always ready for an adventure, and is willing to do anything to save his friends, family, and Redwall. On the way he encounters many woodland creatures, and many other crazy things. The whole story takes place in a little town. Within the town there is The Meadow, Redwall, a church, a road, Mossflower Woods, a farm, a river, and a quarry. I loved the book very much. The are only two downsides. The first one is that the story is clichéd. The second problem is that the story does not involve much thinking. That is not always a bad thing though. Sometimes you just want to read a book just to simply enjoy it. One thing that I loved is that the book is just jam packed with allusions and themes. If that is
What you are looking for than this is a terrific book for you. Overall I think it is a very cute, funny, and just overall quality book. RIP Brian Jacques. He died a few days ago.

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message 1: by Ms. Brody (new)

Ms. Brody What a great review. You not only help potential readers understand what the story is about, but your critique of why it's fun and interesting to read is quite thoughtful and contains some very nice details. I'm so glad you enjoyed reading Redwall!

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