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The No Spin Zone by Bill O'Reilly
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Apr 04, 2011

it was amazing
Read from February 07 to March 24, 2011

Overall this is a terrific book. The stylistic elements and the structure of the book are very unique and exceptionally enthralling to the reader. Below is a description of one of my favorite sections of the book along with an analysis Bill O'Reilly's style.

One of my favorite chapters was one titled "You Kidding Me" where Bill interviewed Floyd Abrams, a prominent First Amendment attorney. Granted, this was not one of the larger debates with a live audience numbering in the thousands or with the secret service escorting the interviewee but it was by far one of the most memorable.
The topic of this debate was the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) defending the rights of NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association), a group of people that condones and encourages sexual intercourse between grown men and young boys.
Bill O'Reilly, much like any reasonable person had significant problems with this and in particular a case they were working on. This case involved a young boy, Jeffery Curley, who was kidnapped by two men, raped and killed. The men said that they got the information on how to accomplish this from the NAMBLA website, which caused a significant uproar in the community. The following two quotes are from the book and represent this issue:

1) "O'Reilly- This doesn't have anything to do with free speech.
Abrams: But of course it does.
O'Reilly: No, this has to do with aiding and abetting, promoting a crime on a website." (P.9)

2) "Jeffery Curley's parents are suing NAMBLA in federal court for $200 million. And guess who is defending NAMBLA in the case? Can you spell ACLU? That's right. The most powerful free speech watchdog in the world is using its money and resources to make sure that NAMBLA is not driven out of business. Is this an outrage or what?" (P.13)

The first quote is typical of how Bill O'Reilly opens a chapter, a brief excerpt from the TV interview. It shows how he has a strong point of view and that issues of social acceptance do not concern him. When he wants a point made, he makes it.

The second quote is a little bit further into the chapter, where he has already introduced the key players and is developing the issue more. I picked this quote in particular because it does a great job of representing the book. Albeit it one of the coarser quotes I could have picked there is a reason for that coarseness, it is very hard to talk about something like this in a normal way. The humerus nature of the rhetorical questions combined with the no BS (pardon my French) attitude is typical of the book and is a hallmark of Bill O'Reilly.

Overall this is a stupendous book that represents a lot of political issues without a lot of political jargon and bias (although some is there and it is unavoidable). I would strongly recommend you to read it and enjoy it (just try not be too disturbed by all the sick NAMBLA stuff).
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24.0% "There was a very good reading this week on the rap world. Bill O'Reilly did an interview with "Puff Daddy" who is a famous rapper and brought to light all of the bad examples the songs teach youth (guns, drugs, alchohol, sex, etc.)."
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