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Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, Vol. 1 by Shiro Amano
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Given that the first set of Kingdom Hearts manga didn't cover everything in the first game, I don't hold much hope that these two volumes had all the content of the game Chain of Memories. I couldn't get through the game because I was hopelessly confused by and bad at the card system the game uses. I think these two volumes provide a good overview of the game, but they probably aren't the same. The manga show Riku and Sora's journey's through Castle Oblivion side by side with each of them battling different members of the mysterious Organization. I would have liked to see more character development of the Organization members because they were fairly one dimensional. I also don't think we saw enough of the Riku Replica. Of course, those things could be issues with the game as well. There's some more cursing, but still no sex. The violence this time is against people (the people are Nobodies who supposedly have no hearts/souls). It still isn't terribly graphic though with them tending to disappear after one good hit.
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