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Elixir by Hilary Duff
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Sep 24, 11

bookshelves: do-not-touch-again
Recommended for: Dumb Airheads who don't care about writing at all.
Read in February, 2011

** spoiler alert ** I didn't have high hopes for this book when I read this book. I actually wanted to prove that I was right in the sense that this book would "suck". And, it did. It sucked guts. From the first page, the book lost my attention. The font was pretty big for a novel. Of course, that's just the beginning of it all. Here is my list of unfathomable things about this book:

1. The size of the font. Who is she kidding? Could she not fill up the book?
2. Many grammatical errors. I didn't find and pinpoint all of them because I don't like to do that. But, some were just so easy to catch.
3. Clichéd plot. Totally copied Evermore by Alyson Noel. Alyson Noel should sue. It kind of brought all of the "Immortal series" books into one book to start off Hilary Duff's series.
In both books, there is an immortal character. An elixir. A conflicting character between the romance. This book doesn't talk about powers or anything. But, it does mention at the end the "forbidden relationship". Comparing this book to Evermore is actually not an accomplishment.
4. I totally wanted to slam the book against the wall. Hilary Duff watches too many movies. Way too many. So, Clea meets her "soulmate" in a span of 2-3 days. Declares that she loves with him and is the man in her dreams. And, when she is supposed to be picking up snacks, she has sex...with him...in the passenger seat...of her best friend's car. Talk about wrong. That is not romantic. I think that's kind of...weird, considering how Sage happened to bring along birth control. EWWWWW!!! This series should totally end with Clea getting some rare immortal STD from Sage. Ha.
5. The romance between Clea and Sage is really weird and bi-polar. It's lust not love.
6. The characters are very weakly-developed. In the beginning, Clea basically acted like some storyteller. Randomly, she started thinking about her life...in a nightclub.
7. The plot dragged on at some parts but sped in some parts. It's like Hilary Duff just wanted to write for the sake of finishing a book and getting publicity. Hilary Duff! Don't quit your day job! Wait, I think she doesn't even have one. Last time I checked, her acting career disappeared.

Anyway, despite all the negative comments, the book was decent probably because Hilary Duff had some help from another person and all. I think it should be Elise Allen with Hilary Duff. But, I can tell that Hilary Duff did think of the story. She must have read Evermore before writing. Ha. The humor is kind of strange and some parts. It's okay if you like Twilight and all. The writing was pretty poor and boring. I kind of feel Tokyo and Conneticut and Brazil are the same place now. A good writer would have put description into the quickly-changing setting. It may seem excess, but it isn't. It gives the plot more of an even tempo which is totally lacking in this book. I will not read the rest of the series.

-Picture Perfect
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Brigid *Flying Kick-a-pow!* "This series should totally end with Clea getting some rare immortal STD from Sage. Ha."


"Hilary Duff! Don't quit your day job! Wait, I think she doesn't even have one. Last time I checked, her acting career disappeared."

BURRRNNNNN!!! But yes, you're so right. I haven't heard anything about Hilary Duff for the past couple of years. I thought she'd disappeared off the face of the earth, until I saw this book in the bookstore. And then I couldn't bring myself to believe that she had actually written a book. I mean, are you kidding me?!

Her agent was probably just like, "Well Hilary, YA paranormal romance books are where it's at right now. Since your career has gone down the toilet, I think you should write one of these books." And then hired a ghost writer for her and SHAZAMMM you have this worthless piece of crap on the shelves. Not that I can judge because I haven't read it, but––I think reading reviews of it is enough.

message 2: by Picture (last edited Mar 19, 2012 10:09PM) (new) - rated it 1 star

Picture  Perfect ♥ Brigid ♥ wrote: ""This series should totally end with Clea getting some rare immortal STD from Sage. Ha."


"Hilary Duff! Don't quit your day job! Wait, I think she doesn't even have one. Last time I checke..."

Reading reviews is just enough, Brigid. The book is not worth reading. In the beginning when she started to narrate her entire life from birth...in a nightclub, I was about ready to slam the cover and say, "End of book." The book was mainly "telling." And maybe I exaggerated a bit too much with the grammar errors because she probably could afford to get a good editor, but I still think the writing is not "A+"

The story definitely either. I'm actually rooting for the STD. HAHA. Immortal herpes awaits you Clea (a name that sounds like a type of medicine)

"Clea" is not suitable for young children because she is an airhead who has never taken sexual education.


Her acting career did disappear. Her singing career did too. Ouch...maybe writing or storytelling is all she's got. In that case, keep her next published books away from me. Far away from me.

Jessica Urbanski Omg your review made me laugh so hard! Thank you for that! Also, I completely agree with you by the way. I think this book is not worth the money. I love Hilary Duff and all but, she just needs to stick with what she knows best, and it's clearly not writing.
I cringed when Rayna excitedly asked if Clea deflowered her car. Glad I'm not the only one who thought Clea and Sage's relationship was nothing more than weird and lustful. Remember when they were on the beach, and Clea was trying to unbuckle his pants. I don't know why that got put into the book, but I thought that was highly inappropriate and strange.
Anyway, awesome review! :D

Laura You should probably get better at writing yourself before you criticize other's...

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