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The Murderer's Daughters by Randy Susan Meyers
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Feb 07, 11

Read in February, 2011

A story of two young girls who are left alone after a tragic event - their father, in a drunken rage, killed their mother. And he ends up spending over 30 years in jail before being released on parole. Their aunt and uncle do not want responsibility for them, so they are considered orphans and dropped at a group home in Brooklyn. It is a rough place to grow up, and the are fortunate enough to be fostered out to a wonderful couple who raised the girls like their own. Unfortunately, the two girls were always suspicious of everyone and found it difficult to be grateful for their foster family. Both girls graduated college, and began nice, stable careers. But, always at the back of their minds is the fact that their father killed their mother, and they cannot get beyond that fact. There is finally a bit of 'closure' towards the end of the book. Overall, I would say the book was difficult to read because the girls were always so 'whiney' about everything, and they think everything that doesn't go perfectly in their life is due to their father. Which, by the way, none of their friends or co-workers know about because they have told a story that their parents died in a car wreck and that they are orphans. So, they are ashamed of their past, but yet cannot 'get over it' and just keep dwelling on the death of their mother. It takes over 35 years before the girls try to 'heal' themselves by getting their mother's belongings from her sister's house.

It is definitely a slow read; not an exciting, need to know what happens next style of writing. Neither of the daughter characters are really likeable, and the only reason I finished the book was to see if it may actually have a better ending than the middle of the book was .

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