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The Geography Of Murder by P.A. Brown
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Feb 05, 2011

it was ok
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Two and a half stars. I've never read this author's work before so I'm not sure what I expected exactly. I enjoyed the suspense plot, but I had issues with the relationship. I discussed this book with a friend yesterday, particularly the lack of a discussion by the two main characters on limits and a safe word.I kept waiting for it to happen, but it didn't. And then this particular scene happened that had wanting to just put the book down completely. I decided to keep reading, because I wanted a resolution to the suspense plot, but then I read the following, which made everything just worse:

We'd never carried our play far enough to require a safe word. Had that been a mistake?

Now, I don't pretend to know anything about BDSM relationships. I assume, like any relationship, there are endless variations. But what that scene entailed was...brutal...it wasn't 'play', but punishment. And by punishment I mean the character wielding the whip wasn't in control of anything. And to me that's not safe. And then for the author to mention a safe word afterwards? Fail. And maybe I'm wrong in my thinking, and I'm coming from a place of ignorance, but...that's how I feel. Hence the low rating. I honestly can't comment on the writing itself, because this particular issue overshadowed everything.

What's frustrating is part of me wants to read the sequel, to find out how the relationship progresses, which probably sounds hypocritical. But, the characters were intriguing. It's the author's...interpretation I have issues with. And I'm not sure ATM which one is winning.
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39.0% "I don't admit to knowing much about BDSM, but I'm over one-third of the way through this book and there's been no mention of a safe word or even limits..."
61.0% "At this point in time I'm more interested in the suspense plot than the relationship, which...doesn't seem real..."
80.0% "I think I just hit a WF scene. I'm going to keep reading, because I want to find out who the murderer is, but...I'm not comfortable with the decisions the Dominant in this relationship is making..."

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message 1: by Chris (new) - added it

Chris I was just going to ask what you thought of the book - I have it, but haven't read it.

orannia The suspense plot is interesting. I just feel the relationship development is...off (if that makes sense). I'm uncomfortable about the lack of discussion on limits and a safe word. And...Alex (the Dominant) just seems...over the top in a controlling way.

message 3: by Chris (new) - added it

Chris Is it one of those books where the Dom is omniscient? I hate that.

orannia Actually, that could be it. The book has alternate first person POV and at one point Jason (not the Dominant) thinks about how he didn't know how he wanted what he wanted. It just bugs me that they've had no discussion about...well....anything. Alex just does...what he does...and Jason goes along with it.

Have stopped for the moment to finish Peril's Gate.

message 5: by Chris (new) - added it

Chris Hmm. I think, when I eventually get around to reading this book, I will be annoyed, too. :)

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