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Dead in the Family by Charlaine Harris
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Dec 16, 2015

did not like it
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Read from March 12 to 13, 2011

The last book that I read by Charlaine Harris was "Grave Sight" which was beyond creepy and gross and semi-incestuous. And just plain bad.

Coming back to the Sookie series, which I had enjoyed for a while and then started to go downhill, I was hoping for at least something resembling readability. No such luck.

I couldn't even make it to the halfway point. Between Skeevy Eric calling Sookie "my lover" every 3.5 seconds, and Sookie's alluding to her gay fairy (real fairy - like from Fae) cousin Claude in a sexual way - if only to assure everyone in podunk little Bon Temps, LA that they are NOT having sex despite him moving in with her, being completely gorgeous and her wanting to watch him strip (professionally, of course), I think I've had quite enough. I can pretty much guess where the story is going, anyway. I don't think I'm missing much.

I should have known from the last couple books in the series that this would be no better. I just didn't think it would be worse. Wrong. There shall be no more Sookie books in my future, pretty sure I'm right about that, at least.
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03/12/2011 page 1
25.0% "I don't know why I keep reading these... The series started out good, but now Eric just skeeves me out. *shudder*"
35.0% "OK... I'm done with the whole "Hey family, let's have awkward sexual innuendos!" thing. I think I'm done with this series."
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message 1: by Maciek (new)

Maciek Everyone seems to be reading this woman now. I was wondering about trying some, and now I'm glad I never did.

Flannery I listened to this one so maybe that is why I didn't mind it?

But you are totally right about the Grave series--I gave it one, got totally skeeved out and stopped. It wasn't even the first one--it was the second. Barf.

Becky Maciek wrote: "Everyone seems to be reading this woman now. I was wondering about trying some, and now I'm glad I never did."

Don't. You're not missing anything.

Oh, wait. DOOO!!! I want to see you rip these apart. :D

Becky Flannery wrote: "I listened to this one so maybe that is why I didn't mind it?

But you are totally right about the Grave series--I gave it one, got totally skeeved out and stopped. It wasn't even the first one--it..."

Ugh. I wish I had given up on Grave Sight. I want my money back. And my life back.

message 5: by Maciek (new)

Maciek I checked your review of "Grave Sight" and the paragraph you quote (the dead wife) is so terrible that it's honestly no fun ripping it apart and saying it's terrible because it's so obvious. I guess the thing is targeted at blossoming 13 year olds who finally decided to start a mutiny against their parents, while still accepting the pocket money of course. You've got to pay for the books.

Becky Yeah... pretty much. I really don't know how 'Grave Sight' even got published - it's that bad. =\

message 7: by Maciek (new)

Maciek Funny, I said the same thing about Twilight and then three sequels came out. Who knows, maybe I ought to quit what I'm doing and write some trashy trash and become rich. And then come to this site and tear it apart to clear my conscience. LOL

Becky LOL Well, Twilight definitely isn't literature, and may not even have the best message, but at least it was entertaining. The last couple books of Harris's I've read haven't even been that!

message 9: by Maciek (new)

Maciek I guess my idea of entertainment does not inclue perfect sparkling vampires creeping into bedrooms and starting at girls. I guess I'm not the desired audience. Though if I could find a blonde wig, I could be. LOL

message 10: by Becky (new) - rated it 1 star

Becky Well, that's the message part I mentioned. LOL
I'm beginning to think that the "creepy" factor is what sells these days. That's scary!

message 11: by Maciek (new)

Maciek One of the bookstore chains I go to has a big section called "VAMPIRES" whee books by Meyers and Harrises of the world lie in big piles. It's surprisingly popular, too. A lot of people buy these books.
I guess the appeal of a handsome man/unnoticed woman is the appeal of this stuff. Who knows. Stupidity also might play a big part.

message 12: by Becky (new) - rated it 1 star

Becky LOL... Trashy books can be fun. I don't deny that, but crap... the author should at least TRY.

message 13: by Maciek (new)

Maciek Flowers in the Attic was great fun. Even though it's trashy as hell in places I found it chilling and memorable. Have you read it? It's from 79, when vampires were still smelly vile creatures, so it's on completely another level.

message 14: by Becky (new) - rated it 1 star

Becky No, I haven't read it. But I DID just buy it used yesterday. Coincidence?

message 15: by Maciek (new)

Maciek No way! It's fate. You need to clean your palate with some vintage yarn. I'm curious what you will think about it. It spawned three sequels but I've read only that one.

message 16: by Becky (new) - rated it 1 star

Becky Maybe I'll read it next. :) I just started a YA book for review, but I'll squeeze Flowers in after.

message 17: by Maciek (new)

Maciek It was hugely controversial when it came out. I'm curious what you will think.

message 18: by Trudi (new)

Trudi I LOVED this series when I was young ... lots of my thirty-something girlfriends grew up on it too. It's so trashy, but in the BEST way - this is a gothic story with a modern twist, that definitely has huge YA appeal.

Becky I would be very curious to see how readers experience this book now. Does it stand the test of time I wonder? How old were you when you read it Maciek? Avoid the film at all costs!

message 19: by Becky (new) - rated it 1 star

Becky I've never seen the movie either, although I guess I know the general premise. Or maybe I just think I do. I dunno. We'll see soon enough! I just grabbed it off the shelf to have handy! :)

message 20: by Maciek (new)

Maciek Trudi, I discovered Flowers in The Attic last year. I've heard about it before, but never managed to actually read the thing. So I got a copy of the first two. It was good. Have you read all of the series?

I wanted to see the film, because it stars Louise Fletchers as the grandmother. It's just...the perfect combination.

message 21: by Trudi (new)

Trudi Louise Fletcher was perfect casting, and the film's one saving grace. I guess there are worse movies out there, I just hated the ending (and Kristy Swanson!). The recreation of the house and the attic were suitably gothic though.

I've read the whole series, but it's been years. The first two are definitely the best :)

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