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Zombie Blondes by Brian James
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Feb 05, 11

really liked it
Read in January, 2009

Zombie Blondes builds the suspense with glee. Although I knew that inevitably these cheerleaders had to be zombies, I wondered how long it would take Hannah to come to this realization. Furthermore, how she would deal with this upon finding out. A town ruled by zombie cheerleaders and football players does not seem like an easy problem to fix, especially when the entire town has either ran away or dead. What makes it even creepier is not knowing who else (beyond the cheerleaders and football team) were zombies. Like Hannah, I did not know who to trust. Were those blue eyes simply blue - or were they zombie-blue?

I would have liked more explanation about how the zombie-making process works. It seemed like a complicated mess of initiation to fully-zombiefied. Why blue eyes? Why blonde? Apparently these zombies appeared pretty normal, maybe scarily perfect All-American, butnormal nonetheless. If the small town became depleted of "fresh meat", would that mean some branching out into other towns for food? Most likely yes, but who knows.

Hannah was a rather interesting character, never really making up her mind until it was nearly too late. Denial is a pretty strong force of nature, and I am sure that if I were in her shoes, I probably would ignore the loner boy crying zombie.

The ending - partly predictable, but partly not. I am not entirely sure what to make of it, but if I had to bet some money on anything, I would say that Hannah may have won the battle, but zombies will win the war!

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