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Club Shadowlands by Cherise Sinclair
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Although I don't normally like the whole bondage thing, this was not anything that was too totally scary. It was more like an introduction into the whole world of bondage and submission and stuff. The heroine is an accountant who is conservative who, by an act of fate, ends up in this "private club". Although she is shocked by the goings on of this club, she is also aroused. Master Z, the owner of the club, takes her in from the rain and he becomes interested in her. Master Z can read emotions and this is why he is such a good "Dom" or dominate. She is a "sub" or submissive. I would have like to also have explore the whole "reading emotions" aspect of Master Z's character. It had a slight paranormal feel to it. It kinda ended leaving you wanting more because you never got to see them outside of the club but all in all, if you are leery about S&M kind of stuff, this is may or may not be the book for you. I am pretty naive and a couple of time I almost put it down, however, it has to be a pretty awful book for me to really put it down. I would lend this to only a very select group of friends (no Church members-LOL). TTFN
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