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The Presence by Heather Graham
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May 20, 2014

did not like it

Le sigh. Due to a total of two people feeling *hurt* due to a BOOK REVIEW, I've taken it down.

Get a grip people, recognize a little humor and please if you have time to get hurt over comments on a book, go outside and enjoy the day.
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Sandy Walters Sorry felt extremely disrespected almost as if you were calling me stupid for liking a romantic mystery
Oh well your gram and I will continue to read our silly books for a little silly no thinking about it fun. I'm sure you will read far more important things.

Heather It's Gran, not gram.

Enjoy your romantic mysteries. They can be quite fun. Unfortunately, my point was that I was misled into picking up a pure mystery and got romance. It's like wanting one of your romantic mysteries and getting Stephen King or Kootnz. Bit on the shocking side.

Summre Perhaps it's the bookstore's fault for shelving the book in the wrong location. If you didn't want to read a romantic suspense novel, you should've returned the book. No need to bash the author. You could've just stopped reading. Obviously if you start a rant on a romantic suspense book's page, people will feel disrespected, considering most of us who are on the page actually enjoy the genre. And I don't appreciate being labeled as someone who only reads romance novels. I happen to love King and the mystery and horror genres as a whole as well. Even though it may not have been your intention, your "rant" did come across as a sign of disrespect. Thank you for apologizing at least. The derogatory tone isn't necessary, however.

Summre It's alright to not like a book, but next time write a constructively critical review, not a bash.

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Kimberley Some how, I was able to read your original review (though it's now gone) and it wasn't that bad. That being said, the exact same thing happened to me back in the early '00s. I can't remember if it was at an airport or in a supermarket, but I picked up a mass market paperback that looked like a good mystery by an author named Elizabeth Lowell. When I went to an actual bricks and mortar bookstore to get the next book in the series, I was told she was a romance author and not a mystery author. I was floored. Thankfully, I wasn't even able to tell it was meant as a romance suspense series, because the romance was secondary to the story and didn't overpower the suspense part. I feel your pain, sista.

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