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The Sentry by Robert Crais
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Feb 04, 2011

really liked it

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Re: After stopping an attempted robbery, Crais' nearly silent do-gooder Joe Pike finds himself oddly fascinated by a beautiful young lady. A lady that has more hidden in her past than the typical niece of a fish-shoppe owner. (They're well known to be dull) Soon, Pike and Elvis Cole, the world's greatest detective will be up to their necks in mystery, peeping Toms and danger.
Outstanding: Crais is an excellent writer of thrillers. I would assume it's even on his business card. And with good reason. He keeps the story rollicking along and the characters consistently engaging.
Unacceptable: The only real niggles would spoil a few plots if mentioned, but there's a few things that seemed wonk, but nothing significant.
Summary: Not my favorite of Crais' novels, i prefer more Cole in my stocking, but still really, really enjoyable. It was nice to hear from Lucy, Cole's lovely N'Awlins lady friend too.
Notes: Crais has turned down multiple offers to make movies of Cole and Pike. He prefers them to exist in the heads of his readers.



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