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If I Die by Rachel Vincent
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Sep 13, 2011

it was amazing
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Rachel Vincent continues to blow me away! When I first started reading this series I didn't know what to expect. I had never read anything about Bean shides, let alone maras and reapers, all mixed into one. Once again Rachel Vincent does this beautifully.

** Beware of possible Spoilers if you have not read the previous installments **

Our main character, Kaylee, is back with Nash, her once ex-boyfriend who became addicted to Frost (a Netherworld drug that can literally make you crazy). Lets just say Kaylee has been through her fair share of pain and danger in last few months, but everything is getting back to normal. That is until a new teacher, who is not all together human, tries to seduce the girls of Eastlake High School.

Don't get me wrong, Kaylee's battle with this new teacher is important, but so is her life... or what little remains of it. You find out early on that Kaylee only has days to live - her time is up. What would you do if you found this out? Well, Kaylee decides to fill her time with finding out how to stop her teacher. She continues to amaze me with her strength and determination - I don't know if I would have the strength to make sure everyone I was leaving behind was okay. Rachel Vincent does an amazing job at making this realization, that she is going to die, very real. While Kaylee shows her strength she also shows reality when she literally freaking out and trying to hold onto what little she has left.

If I Die is Todd's time to shine (FINALLY!). I have loved his character from the very beginning - he is quirky, a smart ass, a jerk, honest, and in every sense of the word human and real (despite the fact that he is not human but a reaper and corporeal). If you loved Reaper as much as I did, If I Die will fill every Todd-need you may have (while creating much much more). I have also always wondered about Kaylee's relationship with Nash and Todd - - If I Die answers all your questions and creates more. But I will say I was 110% happy with the ending, which I didn't expect at all!!

Rachel Vincent keeps you guessing, until the very last page. Her writing style and character development is top notch. You grow to love the characters, even the ones you are supposed to hate - you become a part of the story yourself. While I find myself rooting for Tood, I feel for Nash and even Sabine. Because you become immensely invested in every character, you do not want to see any of them hurt. Rachel Vincent wonderfully creates such a dilemma as Kaylee's imminent death can only hurt others. It is the journey until the end that shows the strength and true character of our characters. In doing so each supporting character is given their chance to show their connection to Kaylee and show how important she is to them, something Kaylee desperately needs as her past was always full of lies and deception.

I promise you will not be disappointed after you turn that last page - - you will be screaming "I WANT MORE!"
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Quotes Patricia Liked

Rachel Vincent
“You just say the word, and I'll make the rest of the world go away. I'll take you someplace safe, where no one else can reach us.”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

Rachel Vincent
“He shrugged, looking right into my eyes. "Right now, this is all I feel." He held our intertwined hands up for me to see and I wanted to look away, but I couldn't break the hold his gaze had on me, like he could see more than anyone else saw. Things I couldn't see myself.”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

Rachel Vincent
“You know, most girls sleep with a teddy bear or an extra pillow. But I gotta say, that's kinda hot...”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

Rachel Vincent
“Eastlake High makes Buffy's hellmouth look like a crack in the sidewalk.”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

Rachel Vincent
“Tod's pale brows arched halfway up his forehead, and he looked suddenly, achingly wistful. "She knows not what she says..."

Maybe not. But I was starting to get a pretty good idea...”
Rachel Vincent, If I Die

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