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La cité maudite by Elodie Tirel
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May 17, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: français, young-adult, spec-fic
Read from February 04 to May 17, 2011 — I own a copy

A quick caveat: this four-star rating is for what the book is, not overall. In other words, it very much beat my expectations.

I'm learning French. One of the ways I do this, especially to build vocabulary, is to read novels. I'm at about a middle-school reading level in French, so I read young adult fiction. It both helps with learning and scratches that itch for trashy teen fantasy literature.

But imagine my surprise when this wasn't just that! It's actually a fun book. I loved R.A. Salvatore's drow novels as a teenager (they're so bad now! but I was 13!) and Élodie Tirel is basically playing off that universe, with some names changed. (Not all. Lloth is still Lloth; Ellistraee is still Ellistraee; drow are still drow. Menzoberranzan is now Rhasgarrok. Etc.) But these aren't translations; they're new tales.

And they're well-written! They're actually fun little adventures. And our main character, Luna, has her own cute slang instead of cursewords («Cornedruille!» «bigrevert!» to name a few). And her constant way of showing up Darkhan's condescension (he sees her as a sweet, innocent, lost child; she's none of the three) was extra fun.

I'm definitely looking forward to digging into book 2.

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