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Deeper Than the Dead by Tami Hoag
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Feb 05, 2011

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When it comes to mysteries, I like the ones I read to fall heavily on the psychologically disturbing spectrum. Unless, of course, they're cozy mysteries because those are supposed to be light and airy. Deeper Than Dead wasn't a cozy mystery and it wasn't all light and airy. However, it wasn't as dark as I usually like my mysteries and it wasn't much when it came to probing the mind of the cruel serial killer. This was surprising considering that Hoag makes this huge deal about Vince, this awesome, kick-ass profiler who is a living legend in the BSU (us Criminal Minds fans know it as the BAU), yet doesn't have him doing much of anything except the job of the regular-run-of-the-mill detective. And we had tons of those, so what was the point besides playing up the romance with the teacher?

God, the romance! It was your typical eye-rolling cheesefest of a romance that doesn't really belong in a hardcore mystery book, but as I've mentioned, Deeper Than Dead isn't really a hard core mystery. Honestly, I skimmed most of the romance scenes because I couldn't care less about Anne and Vince. That part was meh to me. You know what else was meh for me...any chapter than Vince narrated. He's just not the most interesting of characters. I found myself going "Oh not again!" when a chapter he was narrating popped up. He was definitely the most boring character. Oh, and by the way, NO ONE falls in love in three days! Do you hear me? NO ONE! So that part was nauseating with the whole "I've only known her for 48 hours but I LURVE her!" Dude, that wasn't you thinking with your heart or your actual head...

Anyway, one thing I did like about Deeper Than Dead were the chapters alternated by the children. Reading what was happening through their eyes was infinitely more interesting than what was happening through the eyes of Vincent. I also liked the chapters narrated by the suspects. In fact, the only chapters I didn't like were the ones narrated by, you guessed it, Vince.

Deeper Than Dead was an okay mystery. It was a page-turner in the beginning and again in the end. It did drag a lot in the middle though. I think this book would've been a tad bit more interesting if it had delved into the mind of the serial killer and why he was the way he was. Otherwise, why would you waste time including a character from the BSU when his part could've been given to the average Dick or Tom? Still, I'll probably check out the next one only because it's already on my Kindle.

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