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Voice of Our Forefathers by Ron McVan
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Feb 03, 2011

really liked it
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Read from February 03 to 05, 2011

Wotanism, the pre-Christian, nature-based ethnic and "spiritual" religion. The highest law of nature being the preservation of one's own kind. With the Aryan Race heading on a road fast toward extinction, now being only 8% of the world population. Throw in the mass amount of race-mixing, birth control, and abortions and you can see our numbers are only going to go down, and not up. This book is for those of the 'Might is Right' philosophy and want to get away from the majority of the masses who are stupid, weak, and have no racial pride. Be strong, intelligent, and follow natural law. The laws of nature are eternal.

This is a good book with a strong message but i do enjoy the more modern Odinist books because it uses less interpretation and religious lingo as this one seems to have supernatural undertones, and a very few select parts that just make absolutely no sense in my opinion. But on a good note it does include good Aryan artwork, poetry, history, mythology, and contains mass amounts of wisdom that should be read and used.

Notes & Quotes:

"We are now less than 8% of the world population with millions of Aryan female abortions each year and 10 times as many of that taking birth control pills." - Ron McVan

*Talks briefly about past lives, and that certain people can remember through blood memory? The feeling of impending doom of earth is not because of what's right in front of our eyes to see but from a past life. Please... What complete and utter nonsense.

Book: Atlantis The Eighth Continent by Charles Berlitz

Book: The Secret of Atlantis by Otto Muck

Book: Man - The Unknown by Alexis Carrel (1935) (BUY)

Pg 22 skin color

"Everyone knows that a tree grows upwards out of the earth from it's roots and a tree without roots no matter how strong could never stand and would be quick to topple. The same principle applies for a nation of people." - Ron McVan

"If you wish to continue marking time until old age in the grey suffocating twilight of a dying world, content to just exit and live out the slave card that was dealt to you, then simply discard this writing and continue sleeping. If you need more incentive, look deep into the clear, hopeful, happy innocent eyes of a sleeping child, think about the world you are leaving them and remember that life's length is not measured by it's hours and days, but by that which we have done therein for enrichment of the things that matter most." - Rob McVan

"There is no birth in mortal things and no end in ruinous death. There is only a mingling and interchange of components, and it is this that we call "Nature." - Empedocles

"Nature's law is Wotan's law!"

"The god of the Aryans is Wotan and not the Christian god" - Dr. Carl Gustav Jung

"Learn what is true in order to do what is right, is the summing up of the whole duty of man." - Thomas H. Huxley

"A Heathen is one who remains loyal to himself and his kind, and whose blood flows pure in his veins." - Wulf Sorensen (Voice Of Our Forefathers)

"Heathens don't repent, because we cannot be cowardly. A man stands to his deeds." - Wulf Sorensen (Voice Of Our Forefathers)

"You are not today, and you are not tomorrow. You are a thousand years before you, and you are a thousand years after you. A thousand years before you, your blood was protected, so that you would be as you are. Protect your blood, so that a thousand years after you, the heirs of your race will know to thank you." - Wulf Sorensen (Voice Of Our Forefathers)

"The word "hell" comes from the Anglo-Saxon word "helan", to conceal. Therefore, the derivative noun "hell", meant simply a place of concealment or the grave."

"The whole duty of man in this world is to succeed - to help himself, defeat his foes; outstrip his rivals. He who conquers not is conquered!" - Ragnar Redbeard

"O ye generations of Christ-deluded imbeciles! Ye swarms of moonstruck meeklings! Ye burnt out cinders of men!   ----ye bleeding lambs! One day! One day! ye shall be flung to the lions!" - Ragnar Redbeard

*Selected violent passages from the Talmud, Bible, and Quran.

"I will stand with the Muslims should the political winds shift in any ugly direction." - Barack Obama (Dreams of my Father)


"Our soul is the essence of our racial being transmitted through our genes."

"Religious leaders who devote their entire attention to the next life, neglecting the realities in the now of the present are just as much a cancer to Earth Life as the profiteers who continue to brutally rape and pollute it." - Ron McVan

"While in this life, enjoy the clover, for when you die, it's over, over." - Unknown (Old Saying)

"Perhaps the single most important choice in life for all individuals is the choosing of one's mate. Not only does such a choice have transcending value from the past to the present, but inalterably determines generations of future family bloodlines." - Ron McVan

"The entire past of a race and culture is contained literally within the hemoglobin of the blood. When individuals marry into a bloodline not of their own, the physical genetics become confused. This is known as "confusion of caste", which highly weakens, if not destroys, the blood memory of both races." - Ron McVan

Pg. 203 communism/capitalism

Movie: Island at the top of the world (1974)

"Do Right And Fear No One!"
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