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Payback by Fern Michaels
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Feb 03, 2011

did not like it

Ok I admit I didn't even read this book. But I feel I have the right to rate it; I read the first book in the Sisterhood Series, and while it was painful for me to get through, decided to read the next one to see if the books grew on me at all. The dialouge is so choppy in these books...but the main issue I had with the first book was all the typos and mistakes. Being an English teacher I do tend to have a critical eye for grammar detail, but I would still expect more from a well-known author! I gave Fern Michaels the benefit of the doubt and blamed the publishing company on all the missing punctuation, backwards quotation marks, missing words, etc. Then I started reading Payback. Kathryn is the main character in Weekend Warriors, and has a Belgian Malinois named Murphy. But in the first chapter of Payback, it talks about Kathryn's dog Murphy as a German Shepherd--ugh! Now I realize the two breeds are very similar in appearance, but this little detail bugged me so much that I put the book down and could not continue to read it! If she's going to go to the trouble to pick a specific breed for a main character, is it too much to ask to keep it consistent from one book to the next? I'd rather read quality authors who are not just trying to pump out so many books quickly that they don't take the time to care about what they are writing, which is the impression I get from this author.
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message 1: by BonnieJo (new) - added it

BonnieJo Just received PayBack as a gift can't wait to read it-:)

message 2: by Njaimeh (new) - added it

Njaimeh Njie I read 7 books already loved all

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Njaimeh Njie What's the latest

Cheryl Duncan I enjoy the premise in this series but the dialogue is annoying at times. A character will begin speaking on a topic and then throw in some random comment that explains some history of the books that the other character already knows. This is to help the reader, I think, but it is very annoying and makes conversations very choppy!

Also, the whole premise starts with the murder of Myra's daughter that goes unprosecuted because the driver of the car who runs Barbara over is a diplomat's son, yet, in this book it states that Jack, Nikki's ex-fiance is one of "the bad guys" because he prosecutes the women who shoots the man who gets acquitted of the murder of Myra's daughter. This is a big problem!! The woman Jack prosecutes shoots the man acquitted of her own daughter's murder, not Myra's!

This may be a typo but it is a very serious problem because it appears to take away Myra's reason for revenge and if there is no reason, why are we still moving on?

I will continue to read the books because I am intrigued by the ideas of women getting even for injustices but I will be skimming over some of the more egregious conversations.

I have read other Fern Michaels books that are quite good so it may be that she is trying too hard to make a good idea fit into a shorter format...

Michelle It was a typo. I read through that a few times wondering why they changed it... then a little later in the book, it goes back to the original story. Definite typo. There are some consistency errors in this book. In this book it also mentions that Nikki and Jack were engaged and she called it off, but in WW they never got to the engagement. She had been expecting to be engaged to him that year, but it never happened.

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