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Unearthly by Cynthia Hand
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Feb 03, 2011

it was ok
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Read from February 03 to 05, 2011

Be warned, the first few chapters of Unearthly are cringe worthy. By page 15, I swore that if I read the word “purpose” one more time, I was going to gouge out my eyes! Thankfully, a fellow reader spoke up on behalf of this rarity amongst YA paranormal romance, beseeching me to spare my corneas, promising me that the story does in fact begin to not suck. She was right, sort of.

Premise aside, the characters of “Unearthly” behave like rather normal teenagers, sheltered, and extremely well mannered teenagers, but teenagers nonetheless. Clara is quarter angel, born to a half blooded mother and human father. At the age of 16, Clara is now being granted visions from up above meant to clue her in to her purpose (her reason for being on earth). Clara doesn’t know what her purpose is; all she knows is that it will involve a boy (a hot one) and a forest fire. When visions of her purpose aren’t springing up during inopportune times, Clara is doing her best to decipher clues about her purpose all the while posing as a normal teenage girl. Her mother also quizzes her about her visions, wanting to help her achieve her purpose, but the specifics of her purpose remain vague. Finally, Clara gathers enough clues to discover what city her purpose will transpire, and soon Clara, her mother and brother move to Wyoming so that Clara can fulfill her purpose. See why I wanted to gouge out my eyes? Luckily, all the purpose business dies down a bit once Clara actually makes it to Wyoming.

I can’t really reveal anymore about the plot, it would kind of ruin the fun for you. But I will say this; I was pleased with how ordinary the author made her characters appear. Clara isn’t an oh so talent artist or musician, she isn’t an outcast, nor is she incredibly popular, she is just sort of run of the mill, granted, she’s a bit Mary Sue-ish, but that is just par for the course with these type books. Likewise for our love interest. I won’t reveal his name, as that would also be spoilerish, but I loved him for being normal, kind and thoughtful, yet a bit green when it came to dealing with females. It took him a long, long while to work up his nerve to make his move, which only served to make me like him more.

As for the flaws, there certainly are a few. Many things were just way too convenient for Clara, and I find it a tad plot devicey for including so many angel bloods in such a remote part of the country. Furthermore, what I assume was meant to be a big revelation about one of the characters wasn’t a big revelation at all, there were way too many hints for it to have been much of a surprise. All the same, Unearthly is still better than a majority of other works within this genre and I will certainly read the next installment.
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Penny I hope you enjoy this. confession: I was doubtful I'd like it, even after reading the first few chapters or so. If you feel the same way just keep reading, k.

Katie I wish they would get this so you could download it soon, everyone is saying good things about it.

Heather Thanks for saying that Penny. I've only read 30 pages or so but if I read the word "Purpose" one more time I may have a nervy b. But I've heard such good things that I'm going to press on.

Bluefire33141 I just finished this book and I think this review is spot on! I don't know why, but the thing that bothered me the most from this book is that author doesn't explain what happens to the clothes once the wings appear... this is one of my first angel books so I may just be lacking imagination in that department... any ideas????

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