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Three Daves by Nicki Elson
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Feb 03, 2011

it was amazing
Read on February 03, 2011

Three Daves is the sweetest, tragic yet works out well, love story I have read since The Notebook. Elson has written characters that I adore and every twist, turn, change, growth, obstacle, and step they took I went right along with them. Having just finished reading, I have a sense of relief for the characters, goose bumps on my arms, and a smile on face.

I want to point out that this book is not about Jen, the main character, becoming a slut, or everyone is sleeping with everyone else. This book actually offers some rather conservative views (as well as liberal) and entwines the religion of the characters into the story. The author ends each chapter with a Bible quote that fits the events of that chapter. Since Jen is dating Daves, they come from the book of Psalms. Real life is rarely cut and dry. Being human and a Christian, people are always questioning. The young adult years are especially inquisitive while religious beliefs and being human are always waging a war with each other. This book isn't about religion either. Basically, it's finding love and discovering who you are in your early twenties. This is an adult book, although told through the point of view of young adults from 19-22 years old. The topic of sex, sexual scenes, and a few swear words are what keep this book in the adult genre. However, I think mature young adults would enjoy this book if they don't mind the references to the 1980's.

The characters are well developed, all with their own issues and ways of handling them. College is a confusing time for most and Elson takes advantage of this to weave a great tale. The writing style flows with dialogue that is believable. I never once stopped myself thinking, “Who says that?”, or “What? Where did that come from?” The flow and pace of the story kept me thoroughly engrossed. I lived in this world feeling like I was right there. Elson does a beautiful job of showing the reader what they need to know and see, while somehow guiding our feelings to match the character. When I read a book and think “seamless”, then great writing and editing has taken place.

I enjoyed this book having already gone through college and with some life experience under my belt. Some who read this may think the scenario that is the catalyst to introducing the plot is not plausible. Let me just tell you, it has happened, therefore is plausible. It may not be very common, but yup, it’s very plausible. The roundabout way this story winds may not happen in real life as smoothly as in this book, but all the situations have occurred and I could probably put parts of this story together from people I have known in my life. Granted, although I REALLY liked the ending, it would take a special person to see this whole story through in real life. However, the growth of the characters and how Elson doesn’t rush the story, I think Jen is just that special kind of person. When it is all said and done, do you turn your back on love and happiness for past mistakes? Or do you grab it by the horns and leave the past where it belongs? I appreciate how Elson has weaved plausible with fiction. After all, this is a work of a fiction written for our entertainment.

I strongly recommend Three Daves for contemporary romance readers and anyone interested in a good love story. My only complaint is that this story is set in the late 1980’s. I did not really enjoy picturing the acid washed clothes, hair styles, and make-up that accompanies that decade. I lived through it once (I was very young, don’t go trying to pinpoint my age), no need to relive it again. :) Although, the thought of making mixed tapes (cassette tapes) for someone and saying, “cool beans” was a cute blast from the past.
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